Religion of the Dwarven Empire

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Matters of religion were always close to the heart of Dwarven society, in the time of nations before the Shadow War the God of Hope was held in high regard but the events of the war sundered their faith. Following this and the establishment of the Empire the people have found their faith in that of Courage as they look to build for themselves a future.

Religion is often closely tied into the day to day life of many Dwarves, most notably they of those in Military service, Paladin orders of both Courage and Judgement make up the core of the armed forces as well as the authorities who govern the people of the Empire. Knowledge is held in high esteem with Dwarves. Education being a vital part of early life worship of this patron deity is encouraged to give understanding to those on the path of learning.

Ancestor worship used to be common place amongst the Dwarven people but since the events of the Shadow War this practice has fallen out of favour.