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Mother Knows Not.

Posted on Fri Nov 29th, 2019 @ 7:16pm by Lieutenant JG Khrysara Ral
Edited on on Thu Dec 5th, 2019 @ 11:33pm

Mission: Mission 0: Prologue
Location: Via Subspace

Khrysara sighed dramatically. “Honestly Mother, I don’t know what you want me to say.” She slouched back in her chair and crossed her arms.

Lwazanda was an imposing woman, she was the Matriarch of the Ral family and an the final say on all family decisions. “Say that you’ll do it!” The elder Betazoid ordered, clearly intent on getting her way. “The Council of Rixx has given us a chance to redeem you in the eyes of the aristocracy, no one in the long and ancient histories of the House’s of Betazed has been permitted to redo their debut.”

Khrysara shook her head to dismiss the notion of privilege that her mother seemed to be conveying about the situation.

“If you are going to take our Family seat on the Holy Council of Rixx and sit at the head of the family one day , a debut is absolutely paramount to properly introduce you into Society as a Daughter of the Fifth House.”

“I have told you time and again, I don’t want any of that for myself.” I was clear that Khrysara was upset.

Lwazanda looked aghast. “Deities why Khrysara!?” She demanded. “This is a birthright and a responsibility that all Ral women must assume.”

This was an argument she and her mother had had countless times over the course of Khrysara’s life. And the same points were always made.

“Mother I’ve got responsibilities. I’m busy with my new assignment prepping my ship for our launch.” Khrysara was immovable.

“You are Khrysara Ral, Daughter of the Fifth House of Betazed. Defender of the Blessed Circlet of El'nar and Guardian of the Most Holy Scrolls of Jalara.” Lwazanda sat ramrod straight. “But most importantly you are my Daughter, and it will mean the world to me..”

“No.” The younger of the two said. “I am a Starfleet Doctor, Lieutenant Khrysara Ral. Nothing more.” She was shaking her head again. “You can’t control me with guilt Mother.”

Lwazanda opened her mouth to respond but before she could Khrysara continued.

“I have to go.” She said, “I’m sorry.” With that Lieutenant Ral terminated the comm between her and her Mother.


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