Star Trek

USS Pioneer

The Sim

Pioneer is unashamedly a reimagining of Star Trek: Voyager. The situation is explicitly a rehash of the concept of the show - a Starfleet ship far from home, forced to cooperate with a renegade crew to complete its mission. We have taken and reinterpreted Voyager canon of the Delta Quadrant to suit our interests, the stories we want to tell, and to 'correct' decisions of the show we disagreed with. Many names and species and even the odd mission concept may be quite familiar, intentionally derived from Voyager canon and episodes, but we intend to play with these ideas, deconstruct and reconstruct them.

Pioneer does not have limitless shuttles. Pioneer does not have limitless resources. Pioneer does not have a Maquis crew who are immediately happy to put on Starfleet uniforms and get along.

While the players sometimes suggest Pioneer is what Voyager 'should have been,' this all comes from a place of enormous affection for the show, however. This is not Battlestar Galactica in Star Trek. Nor is this a reimagined version of the adventures of the USS Equinox. We want to depict Starfleet ideals under pressure in a hostile environment, where rules may be bent and challenged. But ultimately, this is a story of overcoming adversity, and a story of hope. Our aim for tone is more in-line with Deep Space 9's, where characters were tested and changed and challenged, but did not ultimately lose their humanity or principles.

If this is what interests you, if this is a story you can get on board with - then you're more than welcome!