Star Trek

USS Pioneer

Lieutenant Commander Argus

Name Argus

Position Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Trabe
Age 50

Physical Appearance

Height 6'4
Weight 185 lbs
Hair Color Grey
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Argus is tall and thin. His hair is fully greyed by now. He tends keeps himself immaculately groomed, hair cropped militarily short and his face clean-shaven. While no longer a young man, he tries to keep himself physically fit, although he is the first to admit that age has slowed him a bit.


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Parents Father: Riltar (2295- )
Mother: Sula (2300- )
Other Family Brother: Corban (2319-2366)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Calm and collected, with a silent authority would be an apt description of Argus. He is slow to anger and maintains patience in almost all situations. He can also be charming and personable, but at all times he is calculating, measuring every interaction carefully.
Strengths & Weaknesses Argus is a proud man and does not suffer fools lightly. This arrogance can also cause him to underestimate others, an unfortunate side effect of his upbringing in the self-centered Trabe Empire.

He is not a fan of personal violence and will strive to avoid it at all costs. While a capable marksman and hand to hand fighter, he is by no means an expert in either.

Argus is a brilliant tactician and strategist, however, having honed his skills in both the political and military spectrums.
Ambitions Argus strives to one day witness the Trabe Empire stabilize. He knows it will never again reach the heights it once attained, but slowing it's decline has been his life's work.
Hobbies & Interests He is an avid reader, especially the literature of other cultures. He enjoys studying the behaviours and histories of other races to better understand them.

He enjoys running, which is his primary physical activity to stay fit. He tries to get in a run daily, if he can.

Personal History Argus was born the second son of a low-level aristocratic family. His father was a military man, his mother a scholar. Given all the benefits of being high-born, but also having a lack of status within that class created an environment where Argus quickly learned the skills he'd need to navigate the sometimes treacherous Trabe upper society, and also an ambition to climb.

His birth came during a tumultuous time for the Empire. The Kazon had just succeeded in their fight for independence and we're now a plague loose on the galaxy. Argus grew up in the aftermath of this rebellion deciding to focus primarily on political and cultural studies, but his father insisted that he also learn strategy and warfare, as even though his older brother was the heir to their father's command, Argus needed to be able and ready to lend his support.

Upon reaching adulthood, Argus began his compulsory tour of military service, intending only to spend the required three years before entering the political sphere. As a second son, he'd be expected to make his own way rather than inherit, as his brother would. During those three years, however, he displayed an almost inate strategic and tactical ability which was quickly noticed by his superiors. He quickly rose the ranks until, by the end of his three years, he had earned command of his own vessel.

Although it was expected that he would continue his service, he shocked everyone by accepting his discharge and focusing himself on political aspirations. With his military resume as a base, he was able to shift his strategic thinking from warfare to politics, earning posts locally, regionally and eventually within the Central Parliament itself. He was popular amongst the masses for his more inclusive stance on dealing with other races, preaching cooperation more than subjugation. He understood that the Empire was failing and needed to adapt if it wanted to survive. He, especially, espoused an opinion that the Trabe should entreat the Kazon diplomatically, and perhaps even offer restitution. The general populace approved, but the rest of the nobility, however, saw his ideals as a threat. because of this, they sought to discredit and scandalize him.

The efforts of his fellow nobles culminated in his shunting to ambassadorial positions with other races. They kept shuffling his posts, mostly as a punishment for his ideologies, however he used the posts to his advantage, building relationships with other races and studying them. He became an adept negotiator and helped to improve the Trabe's standing, despite long simmering feelings of resentment for their treatment of these other races.

When Argus was 45, tragedy struck: His brother was killed in an engagement with the Kazon. As was tradition, he left the political domain and re-entered the military. He was able to further his military career using his political skills, a reverse of what he'd accomplished prior when he left the military to begin his political career. For the next five years, he continued to further his goal of slowing the Empire's collapse, a task he has begun to recognize the futility of.
Service Record 2339 - 2342: Mandatory military service, rose to rank of Commander in the Imperial Trabe Navy

2342 - 2345: Local and regional Trabe government positions

2345 - 2350: Member of Imperial Central Parliament

2350 - 2366: Ambassadorial duties

2366 - Present: Commander, ITN Horizon, Imperial Trabe Navy