Star Trek

USS Pioneer

Captain Blake Wilder

Name Blake Wilder

Position Original Commanding Officer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 44

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1
Weight 195 lbs
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Tall and broad shouldered. Strong, square jaw. Full head of blonde hair, slightly greying on the sides. Always clean shaven.


Parents Rear Admiral John Wilder (father) 2302-
Captain (retired) Stephen Wilder, née Wilkinson (father) 2294-

Personality & Traits

General Overview Blake is a kind and charismatic man, easy to like and easy to get along with. As a Captain, he cares for the crew serving under him, acting as more of a mentor than a taskmaster. He strives to get the best out of people. He is cool under pressure and calm in battle.
Strengths & Weaknesses He is a highly proficient marksman and hand-to-hand combatant from his years as a security officer and keeps himself in peak physical condition, something he has prided himself on since his youth. He has an easy grasp of battle tactics and is very adaptable.

Blake is a very proud man on the inside. He doesn't like to lose and doesn't believe in no-win scenarios. This pride bubbles beneath the surface, but he hides it well.
Ambitions Blake is career Starfleet on track for the Admiralty.
Hobbies & Interests Blake was an all-state soccer player, offered multiple athletic scholarships, and he has maintained his love of the game throughout his Starfleet career. He also plays the guitar.

Personal History Blake Wilder's early life could probably be superficially described as "privileged", but he would rebel against that notion. Born into a family of career Starfleet officers, Blake grew up with the best of possibilities. Despite their careers, his family was also historically affluent enough that he was able to attend prestigious schools throughout his youth, as well as receive hands-on experience aboard starships.

He was a gifted student and athlete, receiving several athletic scholarship opportunities upon graduating high school. Rather than commit to any of them, he enrolled in Starfleet Academy to follow in his fathers' footsteps. He was well-liked by classmates and professors alike at the Academy and many believed he had a fast-track to Command ahead of him.

After graduating, he had the pick of several assignments and chose the USS Churchill, an older Excelsior-class vessel, where he served with distinction for 6 years as a Security Officer, before accepting a promotion to the Ambassador-class USS Winchester as Chief of Security.

He turned down several promotions to stay on the Winchester, eventually becoming XO before the center chair became available. He enjoyed the ship and its crew, and felt a loyalty to them that caused him to stick around. This endeared him to those under him and the Winchester became one of the most efficient ships in the fleet. He met and worked alongside Edmund Hawthorne for a few years aboard the Winchester before Hawthorne transferred.

In 2366, the Winchester was damaged beyond repair during the Battle of Wolf 359. They suffered many casualties, but by all reports, the actions of Captain Wilder saved many lives that day and he received a commendation for his actions. As one of the more successful ships during that engagement, Wilder was sought after for a position at Starfleet Tactical, where he helped develop new defensive measures and tactics to combat the Borg.

After four years at Starfleet Tactical, he was offered a new command, the newly-launched USS Pioneer. He accepted, under the condition that he bring over as many of his crew from the Winchester as would accept the transfer, a request that was granted.
Service Record 2345-2349: Starfleet Academy (Cadet)
2349-2351: Security Officer, USS Churchill (Lieutenant JG)
2351-2355: Assistant Chief Security Officer, USS Churchill (Lieutenant)
2355-2358: Chief of Security, USS Winchester (Lieutenant Commander)
2358-2361: XO, USS Winchester (Commander)
2361-2366: CO, USS Winchester (Captain)
2366-2370: Starfleet Tactical (Captain)
2370-2371: CO, USS Pioneer (Captain)