Star Trek

USS Pioneer

Lieutenant JG Kyle Owens

Name Kyle Owens

Position Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 25

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2"
Weight 182 lbs
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Kyle is a friendly face person, he tends to keep a normal beard nothing long or scraggly. Joe isn't a bodybuilder or string bean, he is a happy in between. He likes to keep his hair short on the sides but a little longer on top.


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Parents William Owens
Jillian Owens
Other Family Brothers - Johnathan Owens
Gregory Owens
Vince Owens

Sisters - Gwyn Owens
Ilia Owens (Sister-in-law married to Jonathan)

Niece - Anita Owens

Personality & Traits

General Overview Kyle is an incredibly friendly person, growing up in a family of mechanics he was used to having a smile on his face as he worked on whatever he needs too. Kyle isn't one to argue with anyone but if someone challenges him on something he builds, put back together, or fixed up he will take a stand. He would never admit it to anyone but he is secretly a romantic at heart. Kyle is a proud and honest person, but he can be a bit hot-headed at times if he gets personally involved. He would never defy an order. He can be a kind calming person who can keep his head when it comes to a pressuring situation. He can get irritated if people push about his injury he had received while growing up, most notably his scar. A personal habit of his when talking with the CO of the ship he is on he will refer to them as "Boss".
Strengths & Weaknesses + Loves taking things apart to learn how to put them back together
+ Sociable, love spending time with most anyone
+ Someone who loves working and what he does

- Has been known to get so focused on a task he will miss out on sleep to finish a repair job
- Doesn't like to have people question something he has worked on
- Has been known to drink a little too much when off duty
- A deep seeded fear of being taking away for something he didn't do
Ambitions Building a new class of Starship

Drinking a Klingon under the table

Hobbies & Interests Fixing up old and new devices, collecting puzzles and games, old school hockey fan, a man that loves to cook, and someone who knows how to find liquor and get it.

Personal History Kyle Owens was born in the frozen mid-west during a massive snowstorm, being the youngest of his family. Kyle was always considered the baby. He felt like he always had to prove himself to the others. As a kid, he spent most his time outside of school watching his dad, oldest brother, and older sister all work at his dad's mechanic's shop, The Last Pitstop. As he got older his dad began to let him work on small personal projects with him on the weekends or when things were slow at the shop.

Once Highschool was finish Kyle only had one thing in mind for him to do, like the rest of his brothers and sister he began to work at The Last Pitstop for his father. It was after two years his father finally retired from work and left the place to his eldest son Johnathan. Kyle kept working for his eldest brother for a year but since his father left he began to think about what he wanted to do with his life. It took a few weeks but after thinking about it he found what we really wanted to do was join up with Starfleet so he could possibly be part of a team that builds a new class of ship.

At the age of twenty, he told his older brother of his plan to apply for the Academy. Johnathan was extremely supportive of Kyle and push for him to follow his dream. Once Kyle was accepted into the Academy at which point life became pretty standard for academy life. Nothing eventful happened to now Cadet Kyle Owens, other than a funny one night stand with another cadet he had met there. During his time at the academy, he had gained a rep from others in his year of being able to out-drink anyone in his class. He managed to finish near the top of his class and was soon ready to leave for his first tour of duty being sent to the USS Ontario.

His time on board was mostly uneventful, other than some minor engineering issues he helped take care of his first full year of traveling the Beta Quadrant was nice but he was expecting more. He was soon contacted and asked to be part of the engineering staff on a brand new class of ship. Kyle put in for transfer within the day, the engineering officer was soon transferred from the Ontario to the Pioneer.