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A register detailing the allies and enemies obtained by the Sanguine Eye.


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Name: Y'iiqaath
Encounter: Vol'dun
Status: Alive
Description: What was first a mission into Vol'dun to find a stolen Reliquary archaeologist became something much more for the Sanguine Eye. After chasing Viperis the Faithless and her sethrak allies across the desert, they eventually cornered her within Atul'Aman and rescued Sardelia Atanarys, but not before her motivations were revealed; she sought to awaken a titan watcher. She succeeded. Uto, Opener of Ways, was reactivated after thousands of years of slumber and chased the Sanguine Eye out of Atul'Aman. But how would a titan watcher help restore the sethrak empire to power? As it turns out, Uto was a piece of a larger plan concocted by Y'iiqaath, a c'thrax in the service of N'Zoth. Using Viperis, he claimed Uto as a prize for his Old God master, sent off to parts of the world unknown. The Sanguine Eye arrived too late to stop Uto and Thunder Lord Xao's escape, but did face Viperis and witnessed the power behind her plans. Y'iiqaath spread madness through the group and assailed them with the Void, though was held back by Alviada Aurivian and Eraevin Blackwood's efforts, thus was unable to fully manifest. When Viperis was finally slain, Y'iiqaath proclaimed that the pieces were now in place, 'all according to His will'. He vanished shortly after, announcing his interest in the Sunwell.

Overseer's Decree: As he is a c'thrax empowered by N'Zoth, Y'iiqaath is incredibly powerful and should not be faced by even a formidable group of Oathsworn without considerable preperation and planning ahead of time.
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