Welcome to JustSlide.com, a hub for my various writing endeavours - be they original fiction, fanfiction, or homes for online RP games, all reaching a variety of shows, books, genres, and so forth. As your 'host', I have gone by various names across the internet in a variety of locales, but am best known around writing circles simply as 'Slide', on places such as fanfiction.net and The Attic. In the world of online role-play you may know me under various character names, perhaps the most prevalent being Bravo Fleet's Falco Tauvits, but I am most commonly found with my actual name, Cath Stinton, in groups such as the aforementioned BF and, most interestingly - in my humble opinion - the Trek writing group known as Futility's End.

This webpage may have originally been intended to be something of some significance, but in recent years has turned into a place to just hang my fiction, which is otherwise often strewn across the internet in a multitude of little holes. It's as much for my own ease of categorising as it is to render a stalker's efforts in following my work far easier. Not to mention the basic usefulness that having a copy of my work on the internet holds for a simple backup of writing.

The site is undergoing something of a rejig, as I haven't really paid attention to most of it in several years and it's sorely in need of an overhaul. Graphically, alas, I seem to just be leaving it to its own devices, and hopefully just a 'tidy-up' will suffice here.

So please, take a look around. I'm trying to get my fiction into more coherent categories so it can be more easily followed, but that's a work in progress. I've separated it as sensibly as I can into the various genres or inspiration materials, ranging from the multitude of stories from the Baldur's Gate games I've produced, an awful lot of the vignettes inspired by the challenges and quizzes on The Attic, to the background fiction I've written for Futility's End. I hope at least some of it is intriguing at the least.


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