A collection of shorts covering the school years of a group of Slytherin students at Hogwarts. For them, Voldemort and the war is still not as pressing an issue as surviving political power-plays, prejudice, and even each other - but this certainly doesn't make life easy in the house of the ambitious and the cunning.


The sequel to 'Latet Anguis in Herba', starting off at the beginning of the events of The Half-Blood Prince. The Slytherins return to Hogwarts under the shadow of the newly-awakening war and their own demons. But the conflict of the wizarding world seems daunting in and of itself - how are they supposed to cope with their final year of school and plan for the future with the end of their way of life looming?


Harry Potter Vignettes...

The Hogwarts Inquisition

After Fred and George flee Umbridge's iron rule over Hogwarts, chaos and insanity break out, to be controlled by the Inquisitorial Squad - made mostly of Slytherins. Blaise Zabini reflects on his House's part in Hogwarts, Umbridge's rule, and tries to dodge getting press-ganged. Completely unsubtle Monty Python references alert.

Let it Rain

The first piece of HP fanfic I ever wrote. Following the events of OotP, Percy considers what he has done, his reasons for it, and takes the first of many tentative steps towards reconciliation towards his family.


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