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The Birth of Nations

  • Approx 1,000 PF: The birth of the Iron Empire.
  • Approx 900 PF: The birth of the Calavrian Empire.
  • Approx 800 PF: The Calavrian Empire expands to include modern-day Ibarran.
  • Approx 750 PF: Erik Stark wins the Battle of Woden Wood and becomes Chieftain of all Andermark.
  • 722 PF: King Renier Guihard kills his first dragon.
  • 721 PF: The Twenty Day Siege and the end of Calavrian occupation of Ibarran.
  • 717 PF: King Renier is declared the king of all of Lancereaux.
  • 713 PF: The Calavrian Empire's borders collapse to pre-Fall levels.
  • 693 PF: Tewdyr emerges as the Chieftain of the Catuwali Tribe in Damryn, and begins his campaign to unite the tribes.
  • 688 PF: Damryn is declared a united kingdom under the rule of the High King Tewdyr.
  • 667 PF: The outbreak of the Great Pestilence in Calavria.
  • 654 PF: Official first contact happens between Damryn and the Iron Empire.
  • 601 PF: The Great Pestilence is formally declared over by the Church of Vaitera.

The Rise of the Realm

  • 529 PF: War breaks out between Lancereaux and Damryn.
  • 525 PF: Lancereaux is defeated and falls under Damryan rule. The royal line of Guihard comes to an end.
  • 522 PF: The Sahradian occupation of Ibarran begins.
  • 518 PF: War breaks out between Andermark and Damryn.
  • 517 PF: Andermark surrenders and falls under Damryan rule. The royal line of Stark is allowed to remain on the Anderian throne.
  • 475 PF: Calavria formally joins the Realm and submits to Damryan rule.
  • 443 PF: Formation of the United Church.
  • 434 PF: The Liberation of Ibarran begins.
  • 427 PF: Ibarran joins the Realm upon the ejection of the Goblins.

An Age of Prosperity and War

  • 403 PF: The first Crusade against Sahradia is launched by the united forces of the Realm.
  • 386 PF: The War of the Narrow Sea begins with the human conquest of Carnthor.
  • 331 PF: The human government of Carnthor is ejected by rebellion. Carnthor becomes a heavily contested region.
  • 79 PF: High King Shiel and his generals are killed in battle by the Iron Empire. High King Aedest eagerly accepts a peace which withdraws humanity from the shores of the Empire, and ends the War of the Narrow Sea.
  • 72 PF: Konrad Stark ascends to the throne of Andermark.

The Fall

  • 21 PF: The first reports of the Legion reach the Iron Empire.
  • 16 PF: The invasion of the Legion begins with the destruction of border fortifications. It takes some time before the full threat is recognised as these borders simply go silent.
  • 10 PF: The destruction of Leyroth, and the death of Emperor Ainon.
  • 9 PF: The signing of the Treaty of Carnthor and the defeat of the Iron Empire. The Alliance retreats to Calavria.
  • 8 PF: The fall of Calavria and Norlundar. The eastern front withdraws to Lancereaux as the northern front escapes to Damryn.
  • 5 PF: The fall of Lancereaux. The forces split; Ibarriards and Andermen return to their homeland, while the Lancesian, Calavrian, and Imperial refugees are split between Andermark and Damryn.
  • 3 PF: The fall of Ibarran. The survivors flee to Andermark.
  • 1 PF: The fall of Damryn, and the death of High King Riagon. The survivors join all remaining refugees in Andermark.
  • 0: The Last Stand of Starkholm, and the end of the Fall.

After the Fall

1 AF

  • New Sun: Erika Ascher receives the contract from the Allied Advisory Council to begin the re-exploration of lost territory on behalf of the Alliance.
  • High Sun: First contact after the war is made with Calavria by Ascher's Outriders. A small village is found to have survived after ill-advised demonic pacts made by their priest, Claudio.

2 AF

  • Winter's Stirring: First contact after the war is made with Lancereaux. Survivors are found, rallied under the banner of Valentine Delacroix, reportedly a surviving daughter of Count Adhemar Delacroix, who proclaim themselves independent from the Alliance.
  • High Winter: First contact after the war is made with Ibarran. The western coast appears to have been occupied by Sahradian goblins.
  • High Budding: An expedition to Fordheim is successful; reports indicate the old capital has been overrun by Yotunaar and the Fringe.
  • New Sun: The vanguard of an invasion by Queen Valentine's Lancesian forces is repulsed at the fortress of Wolfsgart.
  • High Sun: The first sighting of a Legion soldier since the Fall brings the Order of the White Aegis from the frontier to destroy it. With the possibility of the resurgence of the Legion threat and the ineffective rulership of the Advisory Council, they enforce their authority to act outside of the Treaty of Carnthor and assume control of Andermark and the Alliance. King Constantin is placed under house arrest.

3 AF

  • Harvest's End: Lord Brynmor, adviser to Lord Loghlin, is arrested and executed on charges of treason against the Alliance. Lord Loghlin goes into seclusion soon after.
  • Winter's Stirring: The town of Vierhaven is struck by a virulent plague. Governor Orthoria leads the endeavours of the elves, immune to the illness, to help until the plague is lifted. Rumours stir of divine intervention having saved Vierhaven from a demonic plot, and the involvement of a Godtouched figure.
  • High Winter: Queen Valentine's armies, against all odds, march on Andermark from the east, through hundreds of miles of woodlands thought to be Fringetouched. The forces of the White Aegis, Andermark, Damryn, and Theroux's Lancesian loyalists rally to defend the kingdom. Princess Melanie goes missing in what is assumed to be a Lancesian plot.
  • New Budding: King Constantin murders a Marshal of the White Aegis and flees Starkholm. Princess Melanie is later found not in the hands of the Lancesians, but in his company. Reports indicate the King had lost his senses and attacked his own daughter, and only by the presence of Ascher's Outriders was she saved - but at the price of King Constantin's life. Melanie ascended to the throne of Andermark as Queen Melanie I. Lord Loghlin, in the face of the White Aegis' continued rulership of Andermark, calls for a Kingsmoot to settle the matter of ruling the Alliance.
  • High Budding: The Kingsmoot of the Alliance of Carnthor is held in the Palace of Starkholm. Lord Loghlin, the Duke of Geitrim and heir presumptive to the throne of Caer Brennan, assumes the mantle of High King of the Realm of Man.
  • High Sun: King Loghlin's expedition to reclaim Damryn departs, making contact with the dwarves of Kordurren.

4 AF

  • Harvest's End: The expedition to Damryn is delayed due to foul weather condition in the Kordurren Mountains.
  • Winter's Stirring: First contact is made with survivors of Damryn, inhabitants of an isolated village beset by demonic forces.
  • Winter's End: Caer Brennan rediscovered by King Loghlin's expedition. High King Riagon found to be alive, Caer Brennan and the surrounding regions inhabited and prosperous - but beset by demons and apparently rejecting of faith in the Gods.
  • New Budding: High King Loghlin and High King Riagon meet in Caer Brennan. King Loghlin rejects legitimacy and rulership of King Riagon due to heretical abandonment of the faith. Expedition travels south.
  • High Budding: High King Loghlin's expedition returns to Andermark by ley-vault. Outriders granted the castle named Ashenheart Rise on the Damryan-Lancesian border, and reformed under High King Loghlin's command as the Kingsriders.