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The Birth of Nations

  • Approx 1,000 PF: The birth of the Iron Empire.
  • Approx 900 PF: The birth of the Calavrian Empire.
  • Approx 800 PF: The Calavrian Empire expands to include modern-day Ibarran.
  • Approx 750 PF: Erik Stark wins the Battle of Woden Wood and becomes Chieftain of all Andermark.
  • 722 PF: King Renier Guihard kills his first dragon.
  • 721 PF: The Twenty Day Siege and the end of Calavrian occupation of Ibarran.
  • 717 PF: King Renier is declared the king of all of Lancereaux.
  • 713 PF: The Calavrian Empire's borders collapse to pre-Fall levels.
  • 693 PF: Tewdyr emerges as the Chieftain of the Catuwali Tribe in Damryn, and begins his campaign to unite the tribes.
  • 688 PF: Damryn is declared a united kingdom under the rule of the High King Tewdyr.
  • 667 PF: The outbreak of the Great Pestilence in Calavria.
  • 654 PF: Official first contact happens between Damryn and the Iron Empire.
  • 601 PF: The Great Pestilence is formally declared over by the Church of Vaitera.

The Rise of the Realm

  • 529 PF: War breaks out between Lancereaux and Damryn.
  • 525 PF: Lancereaux is defeated and falls under Damryan rule. The royal line of Guihard comes to an end.
  • 522 PF: The Sahradian occupation of Ibarran begins.
  • 518 PF: War breaks out between Andermark and Damryn.
  • 517 PF: Andermark surrenders and falls under Damryan rule. The royal line of Stark is allowed to remain on the Anderian throne.
  • 475 PF: Calavria formally joins the Realm and submits to Damryan rule.
  • 443 PF: Formation of the United Church.
  • 434 PF: The Liberation of Ibarran begins.
  • 427 PF: Ibarran joins the Realm upon the ejection of the Goblins.

An Age of Prosperity and War

  • 403 PF: The first Crusade against Sahradia is launched by the united forces of the Realm.
  • 386 PF: The War of the Narrow Sea begins with the human conquest of Carnthor.
  • 331 PF: The human government of Carnthor is ejected by rebellion. Carnthor becomes a heavily contested region.
  • 79 PF: High King Shiel and his generals are killed in battle by the Iron Empire. High King Aedest eagerly accepts a peace which withdraws humanity from the shores of the Empire, and ends the War of the Narrow Sea.
  • 52 PF: Konrad Stark ascends to the throne of Andermark.

The Fall

  • 24 PF: The first reports of the Legion reach the Iron Empire.
  • 19 PF: The invasion of the Legion begins with the destruction of border fortifications. It takes some time before the full threat is recognised as these borders simply go silent.
  • 11 PF: The destruction of Leyroth, and the death of Emperor Ainon.
  • 10 PF: The signing of the Treaty of Carnthor and the defeat of the Iron Empire. The Alliance retreats to Calavria.
  • 8 PF: The fall of Calavria and Norlundar. The eastern front withdraws to Lancereaux as the northern front escapes to Damryn.
  • 5 PF: The fall of Lancereaux. The forces split; Ibarriards and Andermen return to their homeland, while the Lancesian, Calavrian, and Imperial refugees are split between Andermark and Damryn.
  • 3 PF: The fall of Ibarran. The survivors flee to Andermark.
  • 1 PF: The fall of Damryn, and the death of High King Riagon. The survivors join all remaining refugees in Andermark.
  • 0: The Last Stand of Starkholm, and the end of the Fall.

After the Fall

  • New Sun 1 AF: Erika Ascher receives the contract from the Allied Advisory Council to begin the re-exploration of lost territory on behalf of the Alliance.
  • High Sun 1 AF: First contact after the war is made with Calavria by Ascher's Outriders. A small village is found to have survived after ill-advised demonic pacts made by their priest, Claudio.
  • Winter's Stirring 2 AF: First contact after the war is made with Lancereaux. Survivors are found, rallied under the banner of Valentine Delacroix, reportedly a surviving daughter of Count Adhemar Delacroix, who proclaim themselves independent from the Alliance.
  • High Winter 2 AF: First contact after the war is made with Ibarran. The western coast appears to have been occupied by Sahradian goblins.