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  • Approx 750 PF: Erik Stark wins the Battle of Woden Wood and becomes Chieftain of all Andermark
  • 722 PF: King Renier Guihard kills his first dragon.
  • 717 PF: King Renier is declared the king of all of Lancereaux
  • 612 PF: Tewdyr emerges as the Chieftain of the Atriban Tribe in Damryn, and begins his campaign to unite the tribes.
  • 604 PF: Damryn is declared a united kingdom under the rule of the High King Tewdyr.
  • 509 PF: War breaks out between Lancereaux and Damryn.
  • 505 PF: Lancereaux is defeated and falls under Damryan rule. The royal line of Guihard comes to an end.
  • 498 PF: War breaks out between Andermark and Damryn.
  • 497 PF: Andermark surrenders and falls under Damryan rule. The royal line of Stark is allowed to remain on the Anderian throne.
  • 455 PF: Calavria formally joins the Realm and submits to Damryan rule.
  • 423 PF: Formation of the United Church.