The Queen's Court

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The the survivors of Lancereaux are ruled by Queen Valentine and her Council.

Queen Valentine

'I am Divinity.'

Saint Samuel d'Argelouse

'Heathens have no place in the Realm of our godtouched Queen.'

Head of the Sworn Swords d'Argelouse, Saint Samuel was a former priest of Vaitera before [Fall|the Fall]]. Chosen for Sainthood for his proficient healing capabilities as well as his capacity to lead, Samuel met his end when facing off against the Kingsriders as he hunted for a relic of the gods, the Godfire. He and his Sworn Swords were killed by the Kingsriders save for two, an air mage by the name of Matilda Coquelin who is incarcerated beneath Ashenheart Rise, and the runecaster Allain Jacquinot who betrayed the Sworn Swords d'Argelous to the Kingsriders in return for his own freedom.

Saint Grace the Dragonrider

'The False King's world will burn, and Lancereaux will build atop the ashes.'

The strategist behind the Fall of Fordheim. According to the captive Matilda Coquelin, Saint Grace came from the lakeside town of Annevel, Lancereaux, a town to which dragons were a constant, devastating threat. A Knight before the Fall as Queen Valentine put together her fleet of dragons, Grace's familiarity with the creatures meant that she was best equipped to command the fleet. She earned her Sainthood when she returned to her home town and returned having tamed a blue dragon, a notably viscous breed. She survived the Battle of Fordheim after encountering the Kingsriders.

Saint Bartholomé the Hunter

'Beasts, heretics, all for the slaughter.'

Though the moniker 'The Hunter' invokes images of lithe, leather-clad rangers sneaking through woods, Bartholomé was anything but. Coquelin's account tells of a former follower of Zartosht that could beat any man at a dead sprint, who could dart through woodland just as easily as he could an empty road. Queen Valentine enjoyed having heretics and traitors unbound and would offer them their freedom and a pardon - provided they could outrun Saint Bartholomé. He would always bring the prisoners back to meet punishment by Legion steel. He was found in Anderian woods by the Kingsriders, where he was defeated.

Saint Galienne the Martyr

'A heathen's fate is damnation and I will drag you there myself.'

All that Coquelin knows about Saint Galienne is that she was deemed one of the Queen's most dedicated Saints. She was never told what Galienne had done, but Samuel d'Argelouse seemed to fear her and pity her as much as he did respect her. 'What she did,' d'Argelouse reportedly told Coquelin, 'was more of a sacrifice than any other Saint could give their Queen.' She was slain at Wolfsgart by the Kingsriders where whatever she had enacted in life caused the Reaper to manifest and take her soul to the Passages.