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9th May 2014 Release

  • Glossary of Terms: Enthral has been added, reading: ‘This is a vs Res effect. If struck by this effect the target becomes the centre of your focus. You will not attack, defend, cast or move save for moving towards the subject. Taking damage or another effect ends the Enthral effect.’ (Page 5-6)
  • Heritages: Fringe’s heritage is now Nature, not Druidry. (Page 9)
  • Standard Skills: Investigation and Tracking now clarifies that it can spot Disguise as well as Stealth.(Page 21)
  • Lores: Lore: Druidry has been removed as a lore and is no longer available. Players with ranks in Druidr can either choose to consider them ranks on Nature, or refunded XP. (Page 27)
  • Lores: Lore: Legion has been removed as a listed lore. (Page 27)
  • Potions: Poisons will be revised at a future date.
  • Air: Speed (Level 3) has been changed to an Instant Cast, Instant Effect spell. Speed now reads ‘grants the user one free True Dodge provided they would be able to dodge the blow normally.’ (Page 41)
  • Arcane: The cantrip Detect Magic has been changed to read ‘Allows the user to know if something is or is not magical. This does not apply to non-arcane magics (Holy, Demonic, Fringe, etc.)’ (Page 42)
  • Arcane: Locate (Level 1) and Define Magic (Level 2) have been clarified as ‘arcane only’ (Page 42)
  • Exaltation: The cantrip Discern Empowerment’s range has been changed to line of sight. (Page 46)
  • Exaltation: The range on Inspiring Presence (Level 1) has been changed to touch. Inspiring Presence now reads ‘Allows the user to grant a single target a single strength feat. The caster cannot empower themselves.’ (Page 46)
  • Exaltation: Encourage (Level 1) now reads ‘Restore either all lost Willforce or Resistance to a single target. (Page 46)
  • Exaltation: Alleviation (Level 3) has been removed and replaced with Inspirit. (Page 46-47)
  • Exaltation: Inspirit (Level 2) has been replaced with Armour of Faith. This is a standard ability, 1 Encounter spell that requires you to touch your target. ‘Allows the user to grant a single target an additional level of Armour and an immunity Flaming and Frost effects, though not damage associated to the calls. The caster cannot empower themselves. (Page 46)
  • Fringe: In light of future changes to poisons in the system, Poison (Level 1) has been changed to read ‘the next landed blow deals a stun, the level of which is equal to the user’s Willforce. (Page 50)
  • Fringe: Camouflage (Level 2) now applies to wooded areas and not just Fringe-effected environments, much like Pathfinder and Heart of the Wood. (Page 50)
  • Judgement: Detention (Level 4) no reads ‘Allows the user to call Paralysis equal to their Willforce by blow provided that target is a lawbreaker. If the target is not a lawbreaker, only the next landed blow is a Paralysis.’ (Page 57)
  • Knowledge: Detect Hidden is now a Level 3 spell, and Comprehend Language is now a Level 2 spell. (Page 58-59)
  • Knowledge: Detect Hidden (Level 3) has been clarified as to including Stealth. (Page 58-59)
  • Necromancy: Ghost Weapon is now a Level 3 spell, Commune is now a Level 2 spell. (Page 60-61)
  • Necromancy: Withering Strike has, after much debate, been changed to read ‘the target struck’ and not ‘the target stricken’. (Page 61)
  • Opportunity: Just A Flesh Wound is now a Standard Ability. (Page 63)
  • Protection: Perfect Guard has been clarified that the user is incapable of dealing damage or casting. (Page 65)
  • Restoration: Distance Heal (Level 3) has been renamed Healing Reach (Page 69)
  • Retribution: The cantrip Discern Weakness has been simplified to read ‘Allows the user to discern a target’s bane.’ (Page 70)
  • Retribution: The range on Whirling Dervish (Level 3) has been clarified as cone effect, 5 paces. (Page 71)
  • Runecasting: Rune of Revitalisation is now a Level 3 spell, Repairing Rune is now a level 2 spell. (Page 72-73)
  • Runecasting: Rune of Revitalisation (Level 3) now restores 1 hit to anyone within a 20 pace radius. (Page 73)
  • Vitality: Ranged Rejuvenation (level 3) has been renamed Rejuvenate (page 83)

26th October 2012 Release

  • Base Rules: The Head and Chest locations have been merged into one location, Torso. This essentially means that your head and your body now count as the same location and shame the same pool of hit points, which will be 3 hits as standard.
  • Base Rules: The Natural Healing Rate of people at rest has been included, at ‘one hit prioritised per full day of rest.’
  • Weapons: The caveat of ‘cannot use with Strength’ has been added to Short Weapons to better reflect the laws of physics.
  • Weapons: ‘Blackjack/Dobby Stick’ has been added as a 0 rank Weapons Mastery. Anyone carrying a Blackjack can call ‘Subdual’ by blow without any training.
  • Skills: Stealth has been clarified in terms of the restrictions of an individual engaged in Stealth.
  • Herritages: The Lancereaux Heritage bonus skill has been changed from ‘Language’ to ‘Concealment and Detection’.
  • Economy: The Economy section has now been spruced up and should be a little more user-friendly.
  • Magical Lists: The Arcane Allocation List and Divine Allocation List now feature all the relevant spell lists without duplication, omission, or blasphemy of any sort.
  • Magical Lists: Any spell that creates a weapon (‘Shadow Blade’, ‘Obsidian Blade’, and others) now does not specify the weapon created. The summoned weapon is now the choice of the caster and can be utilised with appropriate weapons masteries, but is still subject to the same restrictions (i.e. Strength restrictions for Shorts and Two-Handers)
  • Fringe: The Fringe cantrip now reads ‘Allows the user to detect if an area is affected by the Fringe’, as is accurate.
  • Fringe: Fringe now offers you two spells at Level Four and two spells at Level Five, rather than any other ridiculous combination.
  • Hexing: ‘Charm of Dexterity’ now lasts for one encounter, as appropriate.
  • Necromancy: Necromancy now offers you two spells at Level Four and two spells at Level Five, rather than any other ridiculous combination.
  • Seer: ‘Defensive Teleport’ now allows you to use your teleport even if the blow that strikes you would have otherwise incapacitated you. The spell now correctly reads ‘Personal/Line of Sight’ under the key.
  • Seer: ‘Offensive Teleport now correctly reads ‘Touch/Line of Sight’ under the key.
  • Shadow: Invisibility has been clarified as operating under the same restrictions as Stealth.
  • Staff: All Staff spells are listed as Instant Cast, as it should be.
  • Psyker: The Psyker list has been added the Player’s Guide.
  • Psyker: ‘Mental Link’ is now a single target only spell.
  • A Table of Contents has been added for an overall improved browsing experience.
  • Page numbers have been added for an overall improved Table of Contents experience.
  • The World Map has been added to the Player’s Guide so that character generation for new players can be a little more visual than just gesturing roughly at thin air.
  • Formatting has generally be improved across the document.
  • A stylised version of the symbol of the Outriders, the red dragon skull, has been added throughout the text for general camaraderie.