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Lord Loghlin is a noble of Damryn and the Duke of Geitrim, as well as being the Damryan representative on the Allied Advisory Council and the Damryan general to sit amongst the Alliance General Staff. He is considered the de facto ruler of the Damryans, as a general and politician of tremendous skill and popularity.

Military History

Loghlin has perhaps more experience of warfare against the Legion than any on either the Council or the General Staff other than General Tirithon of the Iron Empire. Geitrim was locked in warfare with the Legion since they moved through Norlundar, and he is credited as the main reason why Damryn's northern borders held for as long as they did. For seven years he fought the Legion until eventually Damryn was overwhelmed, and he conducted a fighting retreat to Caer Brennan. Loghlin was present for the defeat of the heart of the Realm's power, and it was he who rallied the Damryan survivors for the flight through the mountains.

It is known his wife and children perished at Caer Brennan, and within days of this, High King Riagon led his great charge at the Legion forces to win the refugees time to make it to the mountains. Rumour has it that Loghlin would have joined his king, but according to witnesses Riagon charged the Duke of Geitrim, perhaps by then the second most important man in Damryn, with ensuring the safety of their people. This would certainly account for the demeanour of Loghlin immediately after, for his spirit was as subdued as any Damryan's in the flight through the Kordurren mountains. He and most of the Damryans played only a cursory role from that point in the war until the Last Stand of Starkholm, where the Damryans found the strength first for what looked like an impossible battle, and then from the aid of the Gods in the field.

After the Fall

Since the declaration of peace, Loghlin has rediscovered some of his old vigour. Although he has rivals amongst the surviving Damryan lords, he seems to achieve dominance by effectively ignoring them; he avoids bickering politics and simply does what he perceives as his duty to the Damryans and to the Alliance of Carnthor. Even more baffling to observers is that he has refused to formally take up the role as the leader of the Damryan people, as Count Theroux of Lancereaux has. In practice this has likely won him more popularity amongst the common folk, Damryan or otherwise, for he is seen as the person on the Advisory Council most focused on getting the job done rather than being bogged down in politics.

Of the survivors, Loghlin is also the one with the best claim to the throne of Damryn. This he has openly refused to take, even though it has been suggested he could proclaim himself king solely of Damryn, rather than High King of the Realm itself, which would almost certainly cause strife amongst the Alliance. The most Loghlin has said of the subject is that he will not consider pursuing his rightful claim until Caer Brennan is back in Damryan hands, and even then he would have to be satisfied that no better claimants have stepped forth or been found in this time.

At present Loghlin splits his time between the Allied Advisory Council and the command of the Damryan army. He has kept them as capable and skilled as any would expect Damryan forces to be, and so his attention is often torn between threats to the border, such as the Yotunaar, or politics at home in Starkholm.