Erika Ascher

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Captain Erika Ascher is a former Anderian military officer and the current commander of the mercenary company known as Ascher's Outriders. A veteran of the Fall, she formed the Outriders in the aftermath of the conflict, at a time when she deemed individuals of particular skill and excellence would be needed more than troops of soldiers to help better humanity.

Not a great deal about Captain Ascher is a matter of public record, but it is known that she was born to a household of no social station in the south of Andermark. What she did before the Fall is unknown, though at some point she would have married her husband Jakob Ascher, a blacksmith. Upon the signing of the Treaty of Carnthor she joined the levies gathered by Andermark to prepare for the coming war, and was a part of the small Anderian contingent who made it to Carnthor for the last battle upon the shores of the Iron Empire.

Ascher fought through Calavria, Lancereaux, Damryn, and Andermark itself before the Last Stand of Starkholm. In that time she rose through the ranks, and as the military formalised to a stricter, more necessary structure than simply being a case of lords and their levies, she was elevated to be an officer and commander of soldiers despite her low birth. She fought at the Last Stand and was amongst the soldiers to be demobilised upon the declaration of peace.

Along with Sidreal, a High Elven veteran she had met in the war, she proceeded to use what money and favours she had available to set up the Outriders. Soon after their formation she was able to acquire the prized contract being offered by the Allied Advisory Council to take on the assignments of re-exploration of the lost territories of the Realm, in addition to whatever hires the Outriders might take on as a mercenary company operating in and around Andermark.

It is evident that Ascher is well-travelled, though her knowledge of the world is of a universally practical sort. It has been no small feat that she acquired the funds to start up the Outriders, as well as the many notable jobs they have been hired for and especially the prized re-exploration contract. This has led many to speculate that Ascher is particularly well-connected politically beyond what might be expected of a former Anderian military officer.