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=Historical and Legendary Figures=
==Kings of Andermark==
* '''Chieftain [[Erik Stark]]''', First Chieftain of Andermark
* '''King [[Torsten Stark]] I''', King of Andermark
* '''King [[Konrad Stark]] IV''', King of Andermark
* '''King [[Constantin Stark]] I''', King of Andermark, slain in self defence by members of Ascher's Outriders
* '''Prince [[Mathias Stark]]''', died a hero at the [[Last Stand of Starkholm]]
==Kings and Queens of Damryn==
* '''High King [[Tewdyr]]''', the First High King of Damryn
* '''High King [[Bairne]]''', Conqueror of Lancereaux
* '''High King [[Donan]]''', Founder of the Realm
* '''High Queen [[Guinnear]]''', Conqueror of [[Carnthor]]
* '''High King [[Shiel]]''', The King Who Fell
* '''High King [[Aedest]]''', The King Who Bent
* '''High King [[Riagon]]''', Supreme Commander of the [[Alliance of Carnthor]]
==Kings and Lords of Lancereaux==
* '''King [[Renier Guihard]]''', the Dragonslayer
* '''King [[Olivier Guihard]]''', the Betrayed
* '''Count [[Leopold Delacroix]]''', the Betrayer
* '''Count [[Adhemar Delacroix]]''', the Reformer
==Emperors of the Iron Empire==
* '''Emperor [[Ainon]]''', The Last Emperor

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The High King in Andermark

  • High King Loghlin, High King of the Realm of Men and Leader of the Alliance
    • His second, General Erika Ascher, founder of the Outriders, veteran of the Fall

The Lords of the Realm

The Kingsriders

Lords of Andermark

  • Lord Arvin Bauer, Lord of Eschkerwald, Warden of the Western Roads.
  • Lord Berthold Richter, Markgraaf of Wolfsgart
  • Lord Gortigern, the Damryan Lord of Hornsbruck
  • Lord Ludwig Kostner, Lord of Liegenwald

Notable Figures of Andermark

  • Lord Percuni, Head of Mesmer House.
  • General Tirithon, Commander of the Imperial Forces


The High King in Damryn

  • High King Riagon, last High King of Damryn, the instigator of the Alliance of Carnthor, once the Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces.

The Royal Guard

Amongst the twelve knights of the High King's Royal guard:

  • Sir Cordelia, right hand of the King and adjudicator of his justice
  • Sir Kai Voss, Knight of the Royal Guard

The King's Council


The House of Delacroix

Queen Valentine's Chosen

  • Saint Samuel d'Argelouse (Deceased), Chosen of Queen Valentine and head of the Sworn Swords d'Argelous, comprising of: