Constantin Stark

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King Constantin Stark I was the ruler of Andermark and the de facto leader of the survivors of the Alliance of Carnthor. The grandson of Konrad Stark, he ascended to the throne only shortly after the beginning of the Fall, upon the death of his father in battle against the Legion. Shaken not only by the losses suffered in the war, but also the deaths of his wife and son, King Constantin was a controversial figure amongst the inhabitants of Andermark at best.

Some viewed him as a wise and cautious ruler who is trying to protect the Anderian way of life as best as is possible; many more viewed him as too biased towards Andermark at best, or at worst downright ineffective and indecisive as a ruler. He had been one of the biggest opponents of rapid expansion in the Allied Advisory Council, encouraging caution and slow progress to avoid over-extending the resources the survivors had. This won him many enemies, amongst both the politically influential who would return to their homes, and the refugees with a low quality of life who crave expansion for more resources and space.

King Constantin was not without allies or virtues, however. His protectiveness of Andermark had led to the country maintaining its own sovereignty and the rights of Andermen not being cast away for the refugees. Despite contrary opinions on the matter of expansion, he comfortably counted Lord Loghlin, the then de facto Damryan leader and one of the most powerful men in the country, as a staunch ally. He was also fiercely protective of his sole surviving family member and the heir, Princess Melanie, a young girl whose popularity reflected well of him. There were those who argued that, as the last surviving king in the Realm, should the people of humanity decide to re-appoint a High King, it would be logical that this position should fall to the enduring Stark line.