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The Yotunaar are the assorted tribes and clans of trolls and troll-like races, of which little of the race or society is known. Ogres, trolls, Yeti, fire giants and frost giants are all classed as Yotunaar, despite the mix of species. One factor that unifies them is their language, Yotunn, allowing several species to join together in one tribe, although some Yotunaar are more feral, with little more language than a few words.

Naturally aggressive, the Yotunaar have proven a common enemy against the races of Ereda, particularly the dwarves. They live mostly in mountain areas, coming down to foothills to raid more prosperous human lands in Andermark, Lancereaux, Norlundar, and Damryn.

The Norlundar tribesmen of Northern Andermark are familiar with Yeti type of Yotunaar, and have indentified that female Yotunaar have powerful maternal insticts. A new mother will defend their young with deadly force. During this time, they become far more dangerous, possibly to protect the vunerable offspring.