Under Grey Skies, Part 2

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The second morning after Aethon’s death brings a pair of Tyausian knights to the Church of Aethon in Rochignac. Newly repaired, even the splendorous stained glass windows seem gloomy against the weak rays of the reluctant sun. A watchman told the knights they saw a contingent of Aethonites march into the Church an hour before dawn.

The Tyausians open the doors to find them all fallen upon their swords. The count takes some time, but it is concluded that almost every Aethonite priest and paladin returned to Rochignac has taken their own life. Reports tumble in all day of similar suicides across Lancereaux and Andermark.

This all but overshadows the second report rippling through the ranks of Aethonites, and those who would watch them. The Order of the Light Undying, reduced to a mere dozen paladins after the losses in Caer Brennan, is returned to Starkholm. The Godsfire where they had made their home is gone, extinguished. At their head is Aylanna Voss, Godtouched of the Broken Sun.

Their arrival sparks new feeling. In some, fury and resentment at the Godtouched witness who did nothing to save their lord. In others, a sense of some final defeat with Voss’ confirmation of the truth. But from the Light Undying themselves, word spreads. The world remains imperilled, and the Lord Resplendent lies unavenged.

By sunset, paladins and priests of Aethon with a fire yet in them seek out Voss and this cause. This rejuvenation is the first news to reach the other newcomers to Starkholm, a contingent of priests and paladins of Thoron. They arrive with no clarion call, no military march, and join the few Tyausians and numerous Vaiterans who hold a vigil over their holy brethren.