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General Tirithon is the ranking officer of the remnant of the Imperial Army, and its de facto commander. A veteran of the Fall, he assumed command upon the retreat of the elven survivors across the Narrow Sea to Calavria upon the death of General Bregolien. He has led all elven military operations since.

Tirithon was a minor logistics officer before the defeat at Carnthor, but after the disaster there and at Leyroth, found himself as the surviving ranking officer. With the cream of the elven military dead by then, he was the only candidate with the requisite rank and experience to command the remaining troops. He was responsible for the predominantly supporting role that the Imperial Army played through the rest of the Fall, performing often mundane and thankless yet nevertheless essential tasks while human soldiers were more hungry for glory.

He and the Imperial Army would not acquire their deserved recognition until the fall of Damryn and the subsequent flight of the refugees through the Kordurren mountains. With the High King dead and the spirit of the Damryan forces broken, the High Elves were the only armed forces remaining who had the numbers, discipline, and will to fight the defensive retreat of the refugees. Under Tirithon's command they defeated Yotunaar and Legion aggression enough to get the survivors through the mountains and into Andermark.

It was this campaign, after eight thankless years of service in war, which finally brought regard and respect to General Tirithon's leadership. This and the service of the Imperial Army at the Last Stand of Starkholm had them at last seen as equals. With the Imperial Army seeing the lowest proportion of demobilised soldiers upon the declaration of peace, this left them as one of the largest formal armies in the Alliance.

General Tirithon is one of the foremost military commanders Andermark. He has actively pursued a policy of support of the Alliance as a whole, however, rather than actively driving for the immediate reclamation of the lands of the Iron Empire. This has won him the regard of many other pro-Alliance individuals, such as King Constantin and Lord Loghlin, though the more nationalistic amongst the elven survivors have criticised his stance as being one which allows the High Elves to be undermined and ignored.

He has had an ongoing rivalry with Governess Orthoria, head of the Imperial Government-In-Exile, since the fall of the Empire. Orthoria has for years held the attitude that the Imperial Army should put Imperial interests first rather than supporting the Alliance even if it does not suit the High Elves, and so the two have consistently clashed over what the way forward is.