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Also known as the Iron Father, the First Knight, the Lord of Ash and Dust

God of War, Wisdom and Order.

  • Associated Colours: Dark Green and Silver
  • Symbol: The Iron Tower

Your every breath belongs to the Iron Tower of Leyroth. It is an honour to lay down your life for the Empire. Unanswered crime will be the downfall of what remains of our society. If there is no established authority, or the established authority is insufficient, it falls to you to enforce order by any means necessary. No insult to yourself or the Crown can be tolerated. All must be satisfied, by steel if words will not suffice. Honour and pursuit of the cause must be tempered with wisdom. Understand your foe and your situation rather than charging in blindly. Enemies of the Iron Tower must be destroyed wherever they are found. Those who share loyalty to your cause are your brothers. They must be treated with honour, honesty, and compassion. Understanding of the past is integral to ensuring success now and in the future. Respect those who came before you, for their successes and even failures will guide you. Do not put your own gain or pride before the cause or the brotherhood. This, and any disrespect of the past or the Iron Tower, cannot be tolerated amongst the followers of Thoron.


Thoron is the only one of the gods who has identified himself with the elves, most especially the High Elves. Rumours and legends persist of gods from the Dark Ages associated with the other ilk, but these have all been denounced by the Church as false, and all accept them to be, if they were ever real, long dead. This has left the Church of Thoron as the uncontested religion of the Iron Empire - and standing for a thousand years it is considered the oldest organised religion in Ereda.

The Church is fiercely devoted to the Empire itself. Thoron is identified as a stern, serious-minded deity, focused on service to the Iron Tower and the elven people. Pride is a virtue encouraged by the Iron Father, as he expects his followers to be confident in themselves and respectful of their traditions and culture. Cold, hard justice rather than compassionate mercy is what enemies of Thoron can expect. However, this pride of his followers is tempered by fervent loyalty to their fellows and the cause which should, according to the teachings of Thoron, always be placed before one’s self, for though he values pride he abhors arrogance, especially if it proves blinding. The harsh justice, on the other hand, is balanced by the encouragement of patience and wisdom; although a judgement will be harsh, it must be just, and it must only be against the unarguably guilty. Thoron is a god of order and war, but his third purview is wisdom, and his followers are never allowed to forget this.

In elven society, worship of the other Gods such as Ferodir was not forbidden, but it was rare. Only if it led to a challenging of the Church’s power or respect would it be frowned upon, and very few high elves would never offer deference to the Iron Father. The Prelate of Thoron’s Church had a seat on the Emperor’s ruling council, and churches to Thoron could be found in every town. Most elves were born, lived, and died under his watchful eye.

Since the Fall, the Church of Thoron has undergone something of a shift. A short, sharp dose of humility has been administered with the collapse of the Empire and elven society, which has led to something of a rebirth of how elves perceive their God. Once depicted as a dignified figure in fine elven armour, a warrior-lord of power and dignity resplendent in the emeralds of the Iron Empire, this was not what was seen at the Last Stand. Instead, the elves saw their Iron Father emerge from the heavens shrouded in dusky funereal garb, and reaping the lives of the Legion before him with the cold fury of retribution. Since then, the followers of Thoron are not just champions of their people and their pride, but walking memorials of the dead, keepers of knowledge and culture that would otherwise be lost, and avengers of the fallen.