The Alliance

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High King Loghlin

"I swear, I will reunite the Realms."

High King of the Realm of Men and Leader of the Alliance, Loghlin's claim to the position of High King is that of a cousin to Riagon.

Queen Melanie Stark

Queen of Andermark.

Count Sebastien Theroux

Lord of Lancereaux, Sebastien Theroux is a former Baron of Lancereaux and the formal leader of the Lancesian refugees. He claimed the rank of Count following the presumed death of Count Adhemar Delacroix and his family when Rochignac fell to the Legion. Since then he has continued to serve as the representative of Lancereaux in all matters relating to the Alliance of Carnthor and as the predominant member of the surviving Lancesian military.

Prince Meglio Navarra

Prince of Calavria.

Don Luis Avalos

Representative of the Ibarrish, Don Luis rarely attends meets of the Alliance Advisory Council himself. His wife, Lady Basilla, sits in place of her husband.

Elder Jarvi Grevehorn

Jarvi Grevehorn, desipte being aged and half-blind, carries a great deal of respect amongst the Norlish as the head of his family and eldest survivor of the Daelnorn Clan.

Governor Orthoria

Head of the Government-in-Exile of the Iron Empire.

Grand Master Glyndwr

Commander of the Order of the White Aegis