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High King Shiel is a former monarch of Damryn and the Realm and has earned the nickname of 'The King Who Fell'. He was the great-great-grandfather of High King Riagon, the last King of Damryn, and father of High King Aedest, The King Who Bent.

Shiel's reign was predominantly unremarkable. After several decades of the War of the Narrow Sea becoming more of a border spat than an all-out conflict, he reinvigorated the conflict upon his ascension to the throne. Historians have deemed this to have been either because of a lack of imagination, or a calculated move to distract from a poor economic situation within Damryn he was not equipped as a ruler to contend with.

But Shiel's most notable achievement militarily was his death. Attempting to reclaim Carnthor for the Realm once again, his campaign came to an abrupt halt after a strategic blunder which led him and his army against a massively superior Imperial force. Not only was he killed in the battle, but so were the vast majority of his generals. The battle effectively wiped out the military command of the Realm and a significant portion of the Damryan aristocracy.

King Shiel's death would herald the end of the War of the Narrow Sea, as his son and successor, Aedest, would be placed in too poor a position militarily, politically, and economically to do anything but accept the peace terms the Iron Empire immediately presented him with. It would take decades for the Realm as a whole and Damryn in particular to recover from the losses of High King Shiel's defeat.