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Count Sebastien Theroux is a former Baron of Lancereaux and the formal leader of the Lancesian refugees. He claimed the rank of Count following the presumed death of Count Adhemar Delacroix and his family when Rochignac fell to the Legion. Since then he has continued to serve as the representative of Lancereaux in all matters relating to the Alliance of Carnthor and as the predominant member of the surviving Lancesian military.

Ascension to Count

Theroux's claim to the position of Count of Lancereaux was technically accurate, since if Count Adhemar and his sons had perished, it was he who had the best claim to inheritance under Lancereaux's laws of agnatic primogeniture (inheritance traced solely through the male line, to the complete exclusion of females). However, his ascension was shrouded even by the standards of any promotion through dead man's boots. Theroux and his portion of the Lancesian army had been charged, as Rochignac was marched on by the Legion, with ensuring the safe withdrawal of civilians across the border to Andermark. Notably, it is rumoured he was then ordered to return to reinforce Rochignac and ensure the army could stage a fighting retreat.

Baron Theroux, as he was then, did not return to Rochignac. Arguably, it would have been fruitless; weather conditions as the Lancesians entered Andermark slowed their progress down considerably, and even if the army had returned it was deemed unlikely that they could have made it to the capital in time to save Count Adhemar and his men. Nevertheless, a shadow would fall over Theroux's reputation as it was deemed by some that he had left his kinsmen to die.

But despite Count Adhemar's efforts to turn his family line around, the Counts Delacroix were not so popular amongst the nobility that even if a Lancesian lord believed Theroux had abandoned them, they did not necessarily care. In this time of discord, mixed feelings, and inconsistent reports, Sebastien Theroux was able to secure his claim to the position of Count of Lancereaux, and his place at the head of the Lancesian refugees.

His command of the Lancesian army from thereon was not incompetent, but neither was it impressive. Most military decisions were left in the hands of the man who would become the General of the Lancesian Army, Sir Durand Guerrier, who has also been seen to be Count Theroux's personal enforcer. Similarly he has shared a lot of his political influence and power with his sister, Lady Sybille. Both have often joined him on the Allied Advisory Council, and the three present a powerful union when facing any other nation in matters political.

Recent History

Since the end of the war, Theroux has won popularity by setting the surviving Lancesian peasantry to hard labours in the fields of Andermark, as they are accustomed to taking unpalatable jobs which other people might not wish. Through this he has curried some favour amongst the lords of Andermark, and through Sir Durand and the reasonably-sized Lancesian army - probably the fourth-biggest force in the Alliance, after the Anderian, Damryan, and Imperial forces - he can maintain military relevance and influence.

Theroux has pro-actively encouraged expansion eastwards back into Lancereaux, decreeing that the Alliance will not survive without the breadbasket of the Realm. He has also been seen as undermining the authority of Damryn, insisting that a High King and the Realm are dated notions, and that even if the civilised races should unite under one banner there is nothing to say that it has anything to do with Caer Brennan.

Count Theroux received his wish when he dispatched mercenaries to Rochignac, ostensibly to recover the Crown Jewels but also to identify the state of the city. When he was informed the city was populated by numerous survivors, united under the rule of the self-proclaimed Queen Valentine, daughter of Count Adhemar, he was keen to insist to the Alliance that she and her forces present a threat who should be removed - not a potential ally who should be courted. Since then he has focused most of his political efforts in getting the Alliance to take action against Rochignac.