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The Pantheon as a term is one with a variety of usages, and all relate to referring to any Gods or group of Gods which do not already have a pre-existing organised definition, such as the United Church. The United Church itself accepts 'the Pantheon' as a term to refer to all of the Gods, excluding the goblin deities Isall and Amirr, the elven god Thoron, and the dwarven god Dredden Stonehelm.

As the non-specific deities, such as Ferodir and Olcan, are usually depicted as being human if they are given any race at all when personified, it could be accurate to say the Pantheon refers to all human Gods, United Church and otherwise. Historically this term was once used at the exclusion of Zartosht, but as his worship became more mainstream in the Realm and with the Norlish membership of the Realm, he has become accepted as a part of the 'Pantheon'.