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Leyroth was the name of both the capital city of the Iron Empire and the seat of power of its emperors, also known as the Iron Tower. It has, since the dawn of recorded history, stood at the heart of High Elven affairs. Even before the Empire stood, when the High Elves were said to be but a group of elves amongst lesser kinsmen, the Iron Tower of Leyroth stood as a symbol of the greatness of their people, and all they could become.

Leyroth would grow to become the biggest city in all of civilisation, with the Iron Tower at the heart of it, rising to the skies like the spine of civilisation and the elven people. The most eminent aspects of elven government, politics, nobility, military, and commerce made their home at Leyroth. The Emperors and Empresses surrounded themselves with the finest representatives of elven society, and Leyroth was considered to be the most secure place in all of civilisation. As a city it was rivalled only by Caer Brennan, and the seat of Damryan kings could not claim to be so developed in architecture and prosperity.

The city, and the Iron Tower with it, were levelled upon the invasion of the Legion during the Fall. Despite that the armies of the Empire would go on to fight at Carnthor before Imperial soil was abandoned, the High Elves have taken to describing the Empire as being formally defeated at the Battle of Leyroth. It was here that many of the most significant figures in elven society were killed, including Ainon, the last Emperor.