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The Colours of the Kingsriders
The Kingsriders are a group of sworn swords in the service of High King Loghlin. Their current base of operations is Ashenheart Rise.


Originally known as the Outriders, the organisation was formed shortly after the Fall by Captain Erika Ascher at a time when she deemed individuals of particular skill and excellence would be needed more than troops of soldiers to help better humanity. Though essentially a mercenary company, one of their earliest achievements as an organisation was securing a contract by the White Aegis to take on the assignments of re-exploration of the lost territories of the Realm.

The Outriders first displayed their heraldry of a red dragon skull on a black field in 3 AF. The device is drawn from the Outrider's actions at the defence of Wolfsgart, where the Outriders held the garrison against a Lancesian offensive, and slew a red dragon. The actual dragon skull rests atop the Outrider's building in Starkholm, with several prominent outriders bearing their own bloody trophies of that engagement.


Baroness Rashel Francesco is the current Captain of the Kingsriders, granted her title by the High King after they rediscovered and secured the previously unknown keep now called Ashenheart Rise. Under her are three Lieutenants:

Caelen Peacemaker, Master at Arms and responsible for training and making sure that all the Kingsriders are up to scratch.

Sir Everett, Military Quartermaster who ensures that all members of the Kingsriders are adequately armed and armoured, and that all members appropriately maintain and keep up their weapons for jobs.

Aylanna 'Lani' Voss, Custodian, whose duties entail dealing with newer members, making sure they are shown around the castle and introduced to the Seneschal and the Baroness; shown to the Chapel and introduced to others of their faith if relevant; and given appropriate rooms and adequate supplies.

Each new member of the Kingsriders must be approved either by the Captain herself, or by one of the Lieutenants.