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Elder Jarvi Grevehorn is the head of the Grevehorn family, a noted dynasty in the Daelnorn Clan. He spoke for the united Clan Chiefs of Norlundar on King Constantin's advisory council, prior to the council's dissolution by the White Aegis. Though he was seen by many as the leader of the surviving Norls, he claimed to be holding his position only until the Ard Ulv, Mundric Daelnorn, returned. Though he is half-blind and physically frail, his abilities as a seer and soothsayer are widely regarded. He was recently replaced as spokesman for the Norlish Chieftains by his son, Dagstygg Grevehorn.

The Ard Ulv's Advisor

Jarvi Grevehorn was noted as a close member of Mundric Daelnorn's inner circle of avdisors, whose word the Ard Ulv trusted greatly. He served as a voice of caution and reason next to the often aggressive promptings of the other clan chieftains and family elders. He was sometimes mocked and derided for his seeming cowardice, but on those few occasions when his temper was tested, his vengeance was great. When a younger son of the Daelwrod family defaced a standing stone honouring the Grevehorn ancestors, Jarvi threatened to reveal all of the young man's secrets, one by one, until recompense was paid. When the young Daelwrod refused to come forward, Jarvi instantly revealed that he had sexual knowledge of a sheep, that he had hidden himself when the Daelwrod settlement was attacked by Trolls, and that he was responsible for the death of a young daughter of the Ohnstad Clan. Though the boy tried to make recompense immediately, it was too late. His family cast him out, and he was killed later the same day by vengeful Ohnstad warriors. Few tested Jarvi's temper after that.

After The Fall

Having been fleeing for over a decade, the people of Norlundar were tired and disheartened. Many of the great clans stood at a fraction of their former strength, and many of the minor clans had been annihilated entirely. Jarvi was selected as the Norlish representative to the advisory council as one who would ensure peace for his people. He advocated building closer ties with the other surviving nations of the Realm, hoping that the Norls might be able to ensure some quality of life in exchange for whatever political currency the other councillors would accept. Sadly, it became clear that this plan was doomed to failure, as none of the other councillors believed that the Norls had anything to offer their people at all. Even the Lancesians, old allies of the northern clans, were more concerned with securing what advantages they could for their own people. Jarvi swiftly adjusted his position and eventual goal: if he could not make things better for his people, he would at least ensure that things did not get any worse. When the Norls began to move outside of Starkholm to make new settlements for themselves, Jarvi was able to maintain the peace with the various Lords whose lands they had technically moved into, allowing his people to finally settle for the first time in over a decade.

Though Jarvi's work was critical in allowing the people of Norlundar to rest and regather their strength, it was done quietly and with little fanfare. Predictably, when the confidence of the Norls began to return, questions were asked about exactly what the Elder had done for his people. Rather than try to justify himself and retain his authority, Jarvi willingly stepped aside to assume an advisory position to the Clans' preferred successor, his son, Dagstygg.