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Geitrim was one of the northernmost regions of Damryn, and the northernmost of the Great Duchies. As such it was sometimes referred to as the last bastion of civilisation. Historically it was heavily entrenched with border conflict with Norlundar, and the Dukes of Geitrim long opposed the induction of the Norlish into the Realm and their acceptance as equals and citizens. In most warfare with Norlundar, it was the Dukes of Geitrim who assumed command of the region and the armies unless the High King or a specifically appointed representative took a personal involvement, and as such most northerners of Damryn owe Geitrim specific loyalty, through dictate or simply through loyalty.

Lord Loghlin is the last Duke of Geitrim, having defended his home until the Legion drove him from the northern border, which marked the beginning of the Legion's onslaught across Damryan territory. Conquered by the Legion, Geitrim's ultimate fate is unknown.

Geitrim was a craggy land in the shadow of the Norlish mountains, cold and harsh. The people were accustomed to tough living, poor weather conditions, and this was said to breed them as hardy as the land from which they came.