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The Fringe is the term given to the phenomenon that occurs in the depths of the Anderian forests, as well as the name given to areas that have been affected by this phenomenon. Whilst the Fringe is most concentrated in Andermark, it has been known to spread into the neighbouring land of Lancereaux, which has soured the relationship between the two nations. The progress of the Fringe is thought to be barred to the North by the Kordurren Mountains and to the South by the arid climate of Ibarran.

Believed to be where the Lord of Nature and Mother of Earth have the most presence in the world, the Fringe is a force that will alter those that are exposed to it for prolonged periods. The Beastkin and the Wild Elves are examples of how sentient beings can be changed by the influence of the Fringe. Plant life within the Fringe has also been warped by its presence, giving rise to many species of predatory plants that are unheard of beyond its reach.

The study of the Fringe and explanations behind its manifestations differ from culture to culture.