Eirik 'Ungbjorn' Vanhala of the Clan Jarnborn

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Eirik Vanhala is a young warrior of Norlundar, born to Clan Jarnborn, a clan with close ties to the Iron Empire.

Early Life

Before the coming of the Legion, Eirik was too young to have done much with his life. He was raised with the other children of his Clan, looking forward to the time when he would serve the Elven army as his rite of passage into manhood.

The Fall

When The Fall came, the Elves of Aldrain Province fled north across the border into Norlundar to seek aid from their old allies. It swiftly became clear that any attempt to fight the Legion was nothing but folly, and both peoples began to flee together across the frozen wastes of Norlundar. As Eirik grew older he began to fall into the role of a warrior, as most young men did on the long retreat. With the youngest and the oldest of the warriors, he spent much of his time guarding those who could not fight for themselves - the children, the wounded, the very elderly and the pregnant women. The closest he came to death was when part of the caravan was cut off by Assimilated; a wounded veteran of the Elven armies was able to rally the inexperienced guards long enough for relief to arrive. The old warrior died in the defensive action, and Eirik still carries his sword to this day out of respect to the memory of the man who saved his life.

During the Last Stand of Starkholm, Eirik spent most of his time crushed in a shield wall. He advanced when the order went out to advance, he fell back when the order came or when there was no alternative. After a counter-attack broke his side of the line, Eirik briefly ended up rallying to the Royal Standard of Lancereaux for protection.

Present Day

Eirik never expected to be anything other than a warrior, and never learned anything else. In the aftermath of the Last Stand he drifted around, looking for what work he could find. He carried materials to help build the Starkholm shanty-town, and briefly provided protection for a group of slum merchants, all in exchange for food and a place to sleep. The decision to join Ascher's Outriders was simple. Warriors were needed, and Eirik was a warrior. He is still adjusting to the notion that Elves answer to humans in matters of war or combat, but he recognises that the world is a different place than once it was.

While working with the Outriders, Eirik's life has changed in many ways. He has become close friends with Mikael, Paladin of Vaitera and Sergeant of the Starkholm Watch, the Elven healer known as Yanevi, and more recently the young beastkin Teagan McBrin, who is teaching him how to write. He has also dedicated himself to the service of Alannah Stark, whose spirit he met and received a blessing from in Konrad Stark's tomb, and conversed directly with a divine messenger of Tyaus.

Those who speak with Eirik frequently may notice that his memory is growing increasingly poor; he confuses when and where things happened in the past, and sometimes entirely fails to remember whole sections of his life. Eirik does not seem to have noticed this happening.