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The dwarves of Ereda are a stout and stalwart race with slightly longer lifespans than your average human. They average about 5 foot in height and tend to be stocky of build, with varying social attitudes towards facial hair, but predominantly believing it to be a good idea. The dwarves believed that the mountains could be utilised as a more impregnable defense from outside threats than any castle built by hands. Whilst there are numerous dwarven settlements in the world spread about various mountain ranges, it comes as no surprise that the most notable nation of dwarves dwells within the largest mountain range in the known world: the Kordurren Range.

Dwarves have something of an unfair reputation of being a reclusive and insular race, when in truth it was largely difficult terrain and the marauding mountain creatures that hindered their contact with outside civilisation. They were generally a rich and prosperous race, the mountains that they shaped into hearth and home yielding minerals and treasures that were sought after by many. These could be traded with neighbours outside of the mountains in exchange for goods such as crops and livestock that the mountainous terrain wouldn’t yield to them.

The grandest halls of the dwarves were built above the surface in the peaks and within the basin of the mountain ranges. These vast halls would be exclusive to the aristocracy and the city’s ruling nobility. In the tiers below, baseborn dwarves would work either as servants to the aristocracy or working at the great forges or in the mines that gave so many commoners their living. There were some surface-dwelling dwarves that tended farms close to the range, but they were a vast minority.

Whilst the aristocracy of the dwarves enjoyed finery and lavish decor, they as much as the baseborn dwarves found rather stark and bold aesthetics pleasing. The aristocracy, however, found themselves preferring the decorative over the functional. Ancient weapons and armour, heirlooms from the master smiths that had financed their lives of luxury, were usually re-forged with gems and jewels or plated with silver and gold. The baseborn would treat any heirlooms that their family might have with the utmost of respect.

The dwarves of the Kordurren range are almost entirely unaccounted for after the Fall. Only the dwarves of the city of Baradzhur have been contacted since the Last Stand, and were found to be drastically changed.