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Known only as Dredden Stonehelm.

God of Governance, Duty and Crafting

  • Associated Colours: Brown and Grey
  • Symbol: A mountain, strong at the bottom, high at the top.

All toil and tribulation must be recognised, be they by your superiors, by those of rank, or by those of a lesser caste than you. Those of rank should be rightfully prideful of their place and act with the dignity their position deserve. All have their place within the hierarchy. It is a great honour to fulfil your role, big or small, for the betterment of all. No act or life is insignificant, and each person should strive to achieve the most out of their days work and the best out of their labours. That which is made for all should be the finest an individual could craft, as the care given to that which is constructed is equal to the amount one cares about those who receive it. We are all born from stone, and we who fight for our people should live as the stone: hard, unwavering uncompromising. Do not act outside of your place. One's life should not be spent seeking personal gain, but be spent living up to one's role within society.


Dredden Stonehelm has often been the sole God worshipped by dwarves. Representing the strict dwarvish social hierarchy, and the work the dwarves do, he is a rather dour God of singular focus. Worship of him has considerably decreased since the overthrow of many of the dwarven kingdoms, with very few bold enough to announce publicly that they still follow the will of Dredden Stonehelm. A god of structure and adherence to the status quo, it is little wonder that he fell out of favour in his worship in the eyes of the dwarves in a time of either necessity or revolution, depending which accounts of the fall of Kordurren one might believe.

Dredden Stonehelm appears quite often in Dwarven tales as the figure that first lead the dwarves to the mountain, teaching them how to make a living in the caves and caverns and helping them adapt to what he perceived to be 'the greatest fortifications any people need to protect themselves within'. The references of 'born of stone' and 'stoneborn' within his text is quite often misconstrewed by outsiders to be an indication of the dwarves believing that they were made from rocks, when in actual fact the term is a rough translation of what would more accurately be called 'born within the mountain'.

It is notable that Dredden Stonehelm did not appear at the Last Stand of Starkholm.