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A young Calavrian noble, Dharrin Verithian is an accomplished user of the Arcane arts and enterprising businessman.

Dharrin Verithian

Early Life

Born in the close of Winters End 21PF Dharrin was the second son of Maria Verithian. The Verithian family were a fairly wealthy member of the Antinori nobility, his father Dario was a skilled Necromancer responsible for a great number of the working undead within the capital city whilst Maria was a fun loving Socialite. Dharrin grew up in relative luxury alongside his elder brother Konrad. He enjoyed the privileged upbringing of a noble born, experiencing a high level of education and was earmarked from an early age to be enrolled in Calavria’s famed Collages of Magic. Much of the young boy’s time was spent trawling through countless books leading him to be somewhat shunned by his peers.

The Fall

Shortly before his 13th birthday the first of the Elven refugees arrived in Calavria, fleeing over the Narrow Sea in the wake of the Legions advance across the Iron Empire. Quick to realise the dangers presented by the Legion Dhario and Maria collect what wealth they could, leaving Calavria shortly before its fall in 8PF.

Dharrin came of age while his family move through Lancereaux, their wealth allowed them some luxury over the other refugees. Lacking the access to sources of learning he began to study the art of Necromancy from his father.

Finding himself without his normal books for comfort Dharrin was forced, for the first time into the company of other members of higher society. While the Verithian’s were attending one of Lancereaux’s famed Tourneys Dharrin encountered a young heiress of one of the other Calavrian families seeking refuge in the nation, thus began the first stirrings of the feelings that would drive much of his life in the years to come.

Over the next passing years as the Realm falls before the oncoming of the Legion Dharrin weaved his way through the bed sheets of countless members of the retreating populace.

As the family fled from the ruins of Damyrn their caravan group was attacked by the forces of the Legion, Dario was cut down as he tries to escape.

Upon their arrival in the city of Starkholm Maria used what wealth the family had left to secure a place for them to live, while not to the same standard as they had in Antinori it retained some of the noble elements they had once enjoyed. When the remaining forces of the Realm and Iron Empire face off against the might of the Legion in the Last Stand of Starkholm, Dharrin was present within the rear lines of the forces but took no part in the combat. He was witness to the appearance of the Gods as they came to the aid of their people.

Present Day

Following the events of the Last Stand Dharrin along with Konrad found themselves within the crowded city of Stalkholm, Maria became a distant figure in their lives as she left to re-establish herself within high society. Towards the end of the year Dharrin created the Verithian Company in honour of his fallen Father, working as an Undertaker he began to form the start of an Undead workforce that he put to work across Stalkholm and in the field beyond. A venture that has since gone from strength to strength. When Captain Asher established the Outriders, Dharrin and Konrad were amongst the first to sign up and began taking regular hire, both keen to see how the world had fared in the wake of the Legion and to further their own plans. The first job took them to their homeland of Calavria where they had not set foot for nearly 10 years. Since enlisting he has taken part in many of the Outriders famed missions including the defence of Wolfsgart and most recently the action surrounding a surviving member of the Legion.

In the years following Dharrin has been a familiar presence within the Outriders, though his favour with the other members seems to rise and fall. During the martial tournament held by Captain Asher Dharrin demonstrated his mastery of death magic to the shock of those present. While his skills have continued to improve he has become closed off and secretive to others.

Most of the time while not on in the employ of the Outriders Dharrin’s day is divided between working at his company or deep in study at the re-established Collages of Magic in a quiet corner with a high stack of books, complex notes of spellwork and research cluttering the table and floor about him. By night it was once common for him to be seen in one of the many inns around the city, normally in the company of one or more of the female clientele but in recent times he has been less of a presence. Found often with a fiery haired Elven woman they seem to of grown close, rumours of events during one of the Outriders’ journeys beyond the borders of Andermark circulate though exact details have remained sketchy.

With the northern campaign taking shape Dharrin seemed an unlikely member of the army. He accompanied the Outriders on they first meeting with the Dwarves of the Kordurren mountains. Most recently he was with the Outriders force summoned to assist in the removal of Yotunaar from the newly reclaimed lands. Though his return from this excursion saw him gravely wounded and under the care of an unlikely source.

When the army went North again Dharrin was again with them, though without a certain elf at his side and he himself greatly changed, it was clear he was not the same man that had returned from the northern passes. Fighting North Dharrin was present at many of the noted Outrider actions including the finding of the first recorded survivors in Damryn and was amongst those chosen to be part of the bodyguard at the meeting of the two High Kings at Caer Brennan.

When the expedition turned back south Dharrin along with the newly renamed Kingsriders moved into the newly rediscovered castle of Ashenheart Rise. Here he took up residence in one of the high towers along with Ka'Zira who he had grown undeniably close to.

Every fighting within the Kingsriders he was part of many missions across the surrounding country and was with the group that made the first quest into the Iron Empire. Though upon his return from the Elven Homeland it was obvious something had happen during the time across the Narrow Sea. The time after was difficult though he kept to his duty with the Kingsriders.

When the Kingsriders returned to the long abandoned keep of Caer Dinavor Dharrin fought alongside his fellows in battling the demonic forces until it was vanquished from the face of the world. With the defeat of the evil within the keep other events that day set Dharrin down another path. One that would prove to shape the rest of his life.

In recent times he has continued to fight alongside the Kingsriders in the war against the forces of the Mad Queen, being there at the fall of Fordheim when the city burned under the wings of Royalist dragons.

In the run up to High Winter as the dark nights drew in across Andermark the eyes of the Royalists turned again to the bastion of Wolfsgart. The Kingsriders were dispatched to defend the keep once more. By the time they arrived the keep had fallen to the Mad Queen's forces and the land was greatly disrupted. It soon became clear there was a powerful mage in the enemy force capable of great feats of Necromancy seeking to raise large numbers of undead from the frozen corpses defeated by the Kingsrider in their previous defense of the town. The events of the day culminated in a duel between Dharrin and the Royalist Necromancer Ducray, the fight was long and brutal but the Calavrian won out. Then came the moment he had been drawn towards for months. Dharrin gave his last goodbye to the love of his life, his wife Ka'Zira before stepping through a tear in reality to assume the position of Reaper of Souls.


• 21 PF: Dharrin is born into the Verithian family in Antinori.

• 8 PF: Aged 13 Dharrin and the Verithian family are amongst the first to flee Calavria before it falls.

• 1 PF: Now aged 20 Dharrin and his family join with the flow of refugees as they escape the Legion after the fall of Damryn where his father is killed in the retreat.

• 0: He is present at The Last Stand and witnesses the manifestation of the Gods though takes little part in the fighting.

• 1 AF: Dharrin, along with Konrad establish themselves in Stalkholm and begin rebuilding their life. They are amongst the first to join with the Outriders.

• 1 AF: Part of the Outrider’s journey to Calavria, seeing his country of birth for the first time in 9 years.

• 2 AF: One of the first to explore Lancereaux with the Outriders.

• 2 AF: Defence of the town of Wolfsgart against a force from Lancereaux.

• 2 AF: Assisted in the destruction of a surviving member of the Legion.

• 3 AF: Part of the Outriders group seem in Vierhaven during the plague outbreak

• 3 AF: Fought against the forces of Queen Valentine in the border forests of Andermark.

• 3 AF: Present at the Kingmoot that saw Lord Loghlin assume the position of High King.

• 3 AF: Travelled north with the Allied army on their mission to retake Damyrn.

• 4 AF: Involved in the clearing of Yotunaar from the high passes, returns gravely wounded.

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