Dagstygg Grevehorn

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Dagstygg Grevehorn is the eldest son of Elder Jarvi Grevehorn. the former Norlish representative to King Constantin's advisory council. A brash and aggressive young man, he stands in stark contrast to his father's caution and restraint, the most notable example of this being his move to replace his father as the Norlish spokesman in the build-up to the Kingsmoot.

Dagstygg, like most Norls, saw a great deal of combat on the long retreat to Starkholm, and distinguished himself as a brutal and uncompromising fighter. Despite his skill at arms, he nearly died from an infected leg wound, and lost nearly two years recovering his full strength. By the time he was fit and well, the Last Stand had happened and warriors were no longer the first priority for the much-reduced Norlish clans. After his father gained his seat on the advisory council, Dagstygg was one of the first people to lead his followers out of Starkholm and carve out some land for themselves. This group, mostly comprising the survivors of the Grevehorn family along with a number of other minor families of the Daelnorn Clan, occupied a small chunk of land in northern Andermark. Despite some early confrontations with the local Fringe beasts, the village's life became much easier once Dagstygg instructed people to start leaving a portion of their harvest and hunting as a sacrifice to the local spirits.

When Queen Valentine Delacroix launched her invasion of Andermark, Dagstygg quickly began to rally support from the other noted figures in the Norlish community, intending to take a fighting force to assist Count Theroux and their Lancesian allies. The old alliance held true, and the Norls proved themselves against the armies of Rochignac. Their experience fighting in the snow-bound winter meant that they acquitted themselves admirably, earning the gratitude of their fellow warriors. Dagstygg acted as the leader of the Norlish contingent until word reached him of Lord Loghlin's calling the Kingsmoot. He convinced the other Clan Chiefs that his father was too cautious and quiet to properly represent their people, and promptly returned home to supplant Jarvi as the acclaimed leader of the Norls. What will come of this remains to be seen.