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This page is an index of the Player Characters of Ereda, living or dead. For an index of Non-Player Characters, please visit Distinguished Individuals. When making your character page, please be aware that the page should only be the name of that character and nothing more. For example, Ascher's page url is Erika+Ascher, not General+Ascher.

The character list should be in alphabetical order of surname. In the case of characters without surnames, they are to be ordered by given name. Cultures that have a single name (Damryans, High Elves), they are alphabetised by that name. The same rule is given to patronymic names and earned names, such as among Sahradians, the Norlish and the Dwarves.

OOC Layout Examples:

  • Name of Character, followed by a brief summary, including their Place of Origin.
  • Sir Character Name, whose title is bold but not contained within the link, correctly catagorised under Name of Character in alphabetical order of Surname.
  • General Character Unfortunate (deceased), which can be followed by a summary of their identity and how they died.

Employees of The Kingsriders, formerly known as Ascher's Outriders, or The Outriders: