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General Bregolien was the Supreme Commander of the Imperial Army until his death at Carnthor in the Fall. He issued the first recommendation to Emperor Ainon to request the aid of the Realm upon the invasion of the Legion, advice which was ignored. Upon the fall of Leyroth and the death of the Emperor, Bregolien assumed leadership of the Imperial Army, and in practice the Empire as a whole, throughout the retreat westwards.

He issued multiple requests to the Realm for aid, which High King Riagon only answered when the Legion invaded Norlundar and finally presented a threat to humanity. It was he who met with the High King on the shores of Carnthor to discuss the uniting of their forces against the threat before them, and it was he who signed the treaty that formed the Alliance of Carnthor on behalf of the Iron Empire.

General Bregolien perished in the Alliance's defeat on the shores of Carnthor, and leadership of the Iron Empire was subsequently split. Command of the army fell under the remaining ranking officer, a minor logistics commander named General Tirithon, and leadership of the civilian populace fell to the surviving governor, Governess Orthoria.

Bregolien is well-remembered by the High Elven people, for the Alliance with the Realm unarguably saved them from extinction. He is perhaps remembered even more fondly than Emperor Ainon, who refused to ask for help and then subsequently he, and Leyroth, were destroyed. Bregolien is recalled as a man who put his pride to one side in order to do what was best for his people, and despite his defeat, many elves lived because of his actions.