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Ari, or her full name of Ariwynne, is seen by many quite youthful and naïve for the twenty-one years she has been alive, though the major source of her upbringing within the nunnery for Vaitera of the city of Starkholm. She lives in a small room with the library and can often be found there, when she is not using her talents as an archer and divine powers from the Goddess to aid the Outriders on their adventures.

She spent only a few years within the Fringe, but this has marked her as one of the Fringe-touched. She still cannot remember most of what happened to her within the Fringe, though pieces of that time are slowly returning. Recently, she has begun to understand how far she is separated from the society of humanity, and how her place in human society is only higher than those with leprosy, as she can still be healed and use the healing power of her Goddess. She also stands separate from most of the other beastkin she has met, as she has a deeper hatred of the Fringe than even she fully realises and cannot understand why anyone or anything would care for it.

Early Life

Her earliest years, when she was human, were normal within a little village in Andermark on the edge of the Fringe. She remembers that she was always expected to find a husband and have a family and the tales told to her by her loving mother of the Wild Elves taking wicked children away in the Fringe. With that, at the age of four, they came to the village taking her from her bed, like that of the stories. She remembers so very little of what happen to her with the Wild Elves, and anything she does remember is of being trapped in a cage or of running through the woods.

The only time she remembers from that point is when she was nine years old and returned to her village, unknowing that her time in the Fringe had changed her so greatly. When her mother saw her again, she threw boiling hot water on the young Ari, scarring her chest and stomach. She ran away, badly injured, until she was discovered by one of the nuns of Vaitera. This nun was named Thedas. She took Ari in and persuaded the Mother Superior to take Ari in as a challenge to see if a beastkin could be raised to be civilised. And so forgetting what her mother's name for her, Wynne and any knowledge of her family name.

As she learnt more of the worship of Vaitera, she gained an interest to the views of Her Lady's Scourged, with her following these ideas of ritual scarification as a way of forgiveness to the sins she believes she must have committed as a child to be dragged into the Fringe and for her change into that of a beast and hated so.

The Fall

All she knew of the events of the Fall was the growing number of refugees seeking the aid of the nuns. She heard their tales of suffering and pain. During the Last Stand, she was in the nunnery, healing some of the soldiers and warriors too injured to continue standing at the battle itself. She only heard later of the arrival of the Goddess onto the battlefield. Not being able to see this miracle seemed to confirm in her mind that she still must search for forgiveness before she can have any chance of a life beyond the walls of her home.

Present Day

Ari was allowed the time to go on a Pilgrimage to help those in need. However, the Mother Superior worried that Ari would be attacked and killed if she left the nunnery without at least some protection. So when there seemed a need with the Outriders for healers, Ari was guided in that direction.

During the time she has been with the Outriders, Ari has travelled to different places of the Realm such as Ibarran, still wondering why so many have such a strong hatred of the Goblins. She has also learned that she doesn't like most of the Lancesian nobility. She has gained new skill and knowledge of the workings of alchemy and how to fight with a bow and arrow, which has lead to some falling at her hands and her becoming less of the damsel in distress.

The last time the Outriders saw Ari, she was walking into the Fringe. And didn't seem to want to come back.