Alphonse Rapace

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Alphonse Rapace

Alphonse Rapace is a Lancesian member of Ascher's Outriders, a follower of Zartosht, and a former Knight of the Blue Scales.

Early Life

The Fall

Present Day


32PF - Born to Dion and Mathilde Rapace

21PF - Becomes squire to Sir Goddard of the Blue Scales

16PF - Becomes a Knight of the Blue Scales

12PF - Exiled from Lancereaux

11PF - Travels to Calavria, meets Aldo Soriano, begins to learn the ways of Zartosht

8PF - Present at the fall of Calavria

7PF-1PF - Travels through Lancereaux and Andermark, death of Aldo

0 - Present at the Last Stand of Starkholm. Has his new faith reaffirmed

2AF - Joins Ascher's Outriders