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Alexandr is an ex-military field medic who served in the army of Andermark during The Fall.

Early Life

Alexandr was born in Ibarran to travelling merchant parents in Harvest’s End, 20 PF. He lived a fairly peaceful life for 12 years, travelling through many different areas and growing up quick-witted and helpful. His parents eventually settled in Calavria, enjoying the status that was given to successful merchants in the prosperous country. They became increasingly embroiled in the politics and subterfuge signature of Calavria’s merchant class, and their son received less and less of their attention. As the 13-year old became increasingly bored with their new static lifestyle, his parents decided to get him out of the way by sending him to one of the more prestigious academies of Antinori, where they presumed the boy would learn to read, count, and become an accountant or banker – a man worthy of inheriting the family business.

Instead, Alexandr took most interest in his lessons on History, Medicine and Athletics. He continued to learn about Ereda as a whole, his childhood having given him a strong foundation with which to work on his understanding of various countries and those who lived in them. Halfway through his third and final year of education, Alexandr gathered what resources he could, and fled across the continent to Andermark.

Alexandr had chosen wisely in his destination. The Anderian military recruiter was quite taken by the confident young man who offered his services as a medic. After going through basic training, he was assigned to a unit tasked with keeping the Northern roads between Fordheim and the Kordurren mountain ranges clear. The unit encountered many threats from the Fringe, Bandits, Yotunaar, and on one occasion a spectacularly confused party of Norlish raiders who had run towards the wrong set of mountains. Alexandr quickly learned the ins-and-outs of Military life, though he was never put on the front lines of battles, being deemed more useful in a medical capacity by his commanding officer. Military life continued without great upheaval, until…

The Fall

Alexandr’s unit became increasingly horrified as tales of the Legions’ advance spread ahead of them, along with a tide of refugees. King Constantin Stark ordered that his unit remain where they were, judging that a clear path between Andermark and Damryn was an asset too great to risk in times as troubled as these. Though the company remained on high alert, there were no sightings of the Legion, or the beasts of the fringe, for many weeks. As the Legion reached Damryn, a party of Knights rode out from the mountains and approached Alexandr’s captain, asking him about the state of the path to Fordheim and telling him of the High King’s orders to maintain a path for those fleeing Caer Brennan. The unit were among the first Anderians to hear of Caer Brennan’s fall, and the first to see the great column of refugees fleeing through the Kordurren mountains into Andermark. The Captain ordered nearly half of his men to help escort the fleeing column to Fordheim, telling the Elf who had taken charge of the column that he ‘Had been ordered to hold the road, and no pointy-eared bugger was going to tell him how to defend his own country.’ The last Alexandr saw of Captain Heinrich Hessler was him forming up his pikemen and marching them off towards the narrow pass through which the refugees had fled.

From there, Alexandr and his fellow medics saw to as many injuries as they could – but with so many refugees and dwindling resources, many hard choices had to be made. Some were too far gone to save, and their bodies were laid out as respectfully as possible on the road behind them, or hidden in ditches where the Legion – or beasts of the Fringe – would hopefully not find them. When he arrived at Fordheim, Alexander was listless and on the point of collapse – he continued to work in a haze of screaming and spurting blood for many days, until one of the scholars from the University who had been helping in the impromptu hospital woke him up, shouting that the city was lost.

Alexandr was half-dragged from Fordheim as the Legion pushed through and began the slaughter in earnest – the survivors this time were even less organised than those who had fled Caer Brennan, and were systematically erased by units of Legionaries sweeping out from the main force. In desperation, Alexandr’s group took a ‘shortcut’ through the deep forests between Fordheim and Starkholm, skirting dangerously close to Fringe territory. It was here that an event that massively changed Alexandr’s view of one of the sentient races of Ereda took place. As a unit of Legionaries closed implacably on the bedraggled survivors, they strayed into the Fringe – and paid the price. A group of angered Beastkin – in a garish variety of shapes and sizes – tore the legionaries to bloody scraps in a berserk frenzy. Even those who tasted deep wounds from Legion metal found sufficient strength to gouge or bite before they drew their last breath. Despite their crushing victory over the outnumbered Legionaries, none of the Fringetouched – many of whom were fresh and uninjured by the battle – chased the weary refugees any further. In fact, the group saw no more Legionaries or Fringe creatures until they reached Starkholm.

The Last Stand

At Starkholm, Alexandr saw what little remained of the peoples of Ereda. Shattered remnants of once-proud races that stared grimly into the distance, seeing on the horizon the plume of smoke billowing from whatever remained of Fordheim, and knowing that their time to fight – and die – would come all too soon. Once again, he was sent to the rear lines of the fight – field hospitals outfitted with what few supplies the military had been able to gather and keep out of reach of the desperate refugees. Alexander will not speak of his experience during the battle to anyone - any questions about his life from this point on are evaded, ignored, or outright refused.


The following information is now known to, and obtainable from, several members of the Outriders.

Since the Fall, Alexandr has been receiving treatment for crippling mental instability at the Church of Vaitera in Starkholm. He would wake for a few hours at a time, sometimes quietly crying under his sheets, sometimes attempting to minister to other patients in the temple with a blank, emotionless expression across his face, sometimes seeming perfectly fine until he asked the priests and priestesses why he was in Starkholm and where his parents were, and sometimes fleeing, screaming and gibbering unintelligibly, at the sight of any image of Vaitera. His condition had gradually improved until the present day – unfortunately, recent torture at the hands of a group of Demon-tainted members of the Order of the Light Undying has greatly exacerbated his condition.

Present Day

Alexandr was one of the Outriders present for the discovery of High King Riagon's survival, political meeting between him and High King Loghlin, and the subsequent retreat of the Alliance from Riagon's territory. He has settled into the new Kingsriders Headquarters - now named Ashenheart Rise - and has a single, isolated room on the ground floor, with easy access to both the Infirmary and the Training Yard. The door is kept firmly locked at all hours of the day, but he has requested that he be roused for any medical emergencies, unless they are already being overseen by Yanevi. Alexandr is almost always present at any sessions in the training yard, though he observes as much as he participates. He seems to get along well with the soldiers stationed at the keep, and they have swiftly learned to politely decline his offers of unarmed sparring.


26 PF - Born in a merchant caravan roaming Ibarran

14 PF - Merchant Caravan is disbanded, parents move family to Calavria

13 PF - Enrolled in reputed Academy in Antinori

10 PF - Leaves Antinori overnight, Travels across the Realm to Fordheim. Is recruited into Anderian military as a medical aide.

9 PF - Completes basic training and is assigned to a medical unit attached to 3rd Company, Anderian Royal Pikesmen.

7 PF - 1st and 2nd Company leaves to join the war against the Legion. 3rd remains as a skeleton guard against Fringe or other internal threats.

5 PF - Promoted to Medical Corporal, under command of Captain Heinrich Hessler. Shortly afterwards, Lancereaux falls.

0 PF - Ordered to assist refugees in flight to Fordheim, whilst 3rd Company marches to assist rearguard efforts in the Kordurren passes.

0 PF - Fights and provides medical support in a losing battle from Fordheim to Starkholm.

0 PF - Works in Field hospital during the Last Stand. Shortly after, is taken to Church of Vaitera to recover from severe PTSD.

1 AF - Attempts to rejoin military. Pronounced unfit for duty and discharged shortly afterwards.

3 AF - Emerges from seclusion shortly after death of King Constantin. applies to join Ascher's Outriders.

3 AF - Begins to return to fighting shape over the course of several hires with the Outriders.

4 AF - Accompanies Outriders and King Loghlin's army on campaign to retake Damryn. Is part of the group that makes initial contact with High King Riagon.