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"Naga, The Watchers in the Woods"

Windwyrms – also known as Naga – are rumoured to exist in the remotest parts of the southern continent, but especially the jungles to the north. There have been wild rumours in the past of sightings in Ilmarin and Virmor, but these remain unsubstantiated.

Though deemed mythical by many there is enough evidence to suggest that they certainly exist, and most stories of them depict intelligent, if shy creatures. The people of the Hidden Cities hold them in great esteem, and it is from them that they received the name Naga.


Windwyrms appear in legend as large, winged serpents with scales and features of dazzling hues. It is possible that they are a serpentine form of wyvern, though much more intelligent than wyvern apparently are. Records of their size vary, but most seem to be at least seven feet long, with reports of windwyrms up to twenty feet in length from various sources of dubious reliability.

Fragments of shell recovered from the northern jungles by the Agryan explorer Barnabas Brightwater suggest that windwyrms are an egg laying species, though this is only speculation given the death soon after of Barnabas and the loss of the shells.

Their appearance suggests a carnivorous inclination, though curiously there are no reliable accounts of windwyrms hunting. The contact that the people of the Hidden Cities have with the Naga seem to include what are either trade goods or offerings, but these include everything from jewellery to flowers to sweets, and it is uncertain to whom each is destined for.


Above all else windwyrms are a shy race – the only culture which seems to have anything resembling regular contact with them are the peoples of the Hidden Cities, who are extremely tight-lipped about these meetings. It is unknown therefore if windwyrms possess any culture or society that most races would recognise as such, though their inclusion in the Hidden City's Naga legends would suggest there is something they gain from company.

One thing known almost for certain about windwyrms is their love of air and water magic. Almost all legends of them speak of a natural affinity for the winds, hence the name, and most of their sightings have been near bodies of water such as streams and lakes. Part of the Hidden City reverence for them may be based on tales of angered windwyrms levelling forests and towns with storms, and placated ones bringing (or halting) rains.