Trystan Hawke

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Trystan Hawke is a professional monster hunter from Peredur.

Early Life

Firstborn child of the Peredur noble, Lord Madoc Hawke, who remarried following the death of his wife from childbirth. His second wife and Trystan’s stepmother, the Lady Giselle, wished for her children to inherit rather than these mongrels. When Trystan and his sister Ciaran were of age, Giselle finally found herself with child and in need of removing the two heirs. To that end, she arranged for the teenaged nobles to be kidnapped and taken far away.

In their absence and their father’s heartbreak, her son’s claim was uncontested and all was well in her world.

Meanwhile, Trystan and his sister were taken north to the borders of the Ogre Kingdom. There they were to be killed and buried, in a place nobody would ever think to look or suspect the fair lady’s involvement. What happened next was either providence or blind luck as their caravan was waylaid by ogres. Being the dumb brutes that they are, the pair fled whilst they engaged their captors – beginning the long journey to their homeland. Along the way they encountered numerous challenges ranging from finding shelter to fending off the wilderness and soon the pair developed a talent for violence. They would earn room and board from the villages they passed through by righting wrongs or slaying beasts that worried them. Trystan was finally a hero like in Peredan stories.

Present Day

By the time they returned, they were hardly recognisable as the nobility they were. Lord Madoc was a drunkard, driven to the bottle by his harpy of a wife and her sympathisers, and in no state to recognise his children. Giselle had populated his court with her lackeys and, whilst shocked that they had survived her scheme, had them labelled as pretenders and laughed out of the realm. With no way of proving their birth right and not a penny to their name, the Hawke siblings turned to the one thing they knew they were good at – slaying monsters. Since then, the Hawkes have relocated to Farhaven where the living is cheap and the coin favourable. Calling themselves ‘Monster Hunters’ they are intent on some day reclaiming that which they are owed, either by law or force, but realise there are a great many impediments to that. Indeed, they may never retake what is theirs but they can get filthy rich and famous by murdering monsters and making their name as monster hunters.

OC Character Sheet - Trystan