The Forest Tribes

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Secluded in the haunted forest of the Whispering Wood, the forest tribes of the orcs are by and large content to ignore the outside world and be ignored by it in turn. Rejecting the dream of unification brought about by Balar the Uniter, they remain an independent people with no central government nor capital, each tribe ruling itself independent of each other. Relations between such tribes can vary from friendly to open conflict, though common sense usually prevails for said conflicts draw in too many tribes.

Forest orcs tend to be more secretive than their Forged cousins, less willing to engage in open conflict and more likely to resort to trickery, poisons and magic when fighting. Their place in the Whispering Wood has driven them to be a deeply spiritual people with a great respect for the dead, practicing a shamanistic religion that dates back to their heyday in Virmor.