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Orrin of Clan Stonebreaker – sometimes refered to as Orrin Wraithslayer or Orrin “the Hopeful” among the Dwarves - is a Dwarven Earth Mage, formerly of the Imperial Army. Originally a Scout for the Dren’dare, Orrin accidentally became involved in the seeking of a weapon to vanquish the Dread Wraiths, and became enamoured with a life of adventure.

Early Life

Born into a working-class family of the Dwarven Empire is a lot nicer than for many others on Ilmarin. As a boy young Orrin was one of the first to experience the education system of put into place by the Empress, and was expected to take a hand in the trade of Clan Stonebreaker – unsurprisingly, mining. By coming of age at 30 he had accepted the duties of his clan, despite having no real flair for mining, craft or trade.

After several years of low-paid minor clerical work, Orrin was discovered to have an affinity for Magic. Magical talent for Earth had regularly sprouted through the Stonebreaker line, but usually at a younger age. Given the emerging outbreaks of undead Orrin was conscripted to the military and his fledging arcane powers were honed towards fighting. A natural talent for stealth saw him places among the scouts, and as the sightings of undead grew he was send more and more into the tunnels to investigate and report back.

Over the last two years of fighting Orrin was sent across the South-Western edges of the Empire fighting the emerging undead. Stonebreaker was not a shining military example, but a talent for surviving meant his units were usually successful. He was assigned to the Dren’dare purely through dead man’s boots and their need to keep recruiting more scouts, since dozens of their scouts would disappear and turn up dead (or rather, Undead).

Due to a strange collection of circumstances (including the location of the Hidden Vale, a blessing of Brenna and oaths sworn to safeguard souls) Orrin volunteered his Soul to be forged into a weapon to fight the Dread Wraiths. Once Brenna’s blessing wore off, there was some degree of buyer’s regret in the exchange.

Joining the others of the Two Crowns, Orrin helped forge the blade containing his soul. On the day of the Final Battle, he travelled with them to the realm of the Draugr, the world from where they came, and used the Soulblade to slay the Dread Wraith Leader.

Aftermath, and the Request

When the Empress offered to consider any request, Orrin requested that Vaetta (or Athaya, to the common tongue) be returned to her place alongside Rhundr, Halda and Brenna, having been touched by those faithful to Athaya in his travels. The Empress declined, but promised to denounce the stigma against Vaetta that had existed since the first Shadow War. She also promised that if someone would seek to return Vaetta, they would of course receive full support.

Orrin had inherited a very specific mantle, and a small number of staff to seek Vaetta from Dwarven histories.

After some weeks Orrin realised he could not return to his former life. He felt hemmed in by his emerging renown. Doing his clerical work for Clan Stonebreaker held no interest knowing of the world that existed outside. Setting the clerks to find locations and histories strong in the faith of Vaetta, Orrin left the Empire.

Present Day

Orrin struck out for Refuge, where several of his friends had returned. He took the Soulblade and named it Kordaz, the dwarven word for Courage, though the rumours of the Soulblade and the Undead Slayer persisted far more quickly.

Between adventures he is usually be found near whatever makeshift tavern is nearby, or practicing his magic. Orrin has also taken to teaching some of the Two Crowns about the Undead they will continue to face.

More recently, Orrin has been found around the chapel to Athaya, talking with the assorted faithful that gather there and drinking form a seemingly unending horn.

Orrin's Works

Orrin's diaries and Treatise are actual IC documents - they exist and can be found in his room in Refuge, should anyone ever care enough to find them. They are his thoughts and musings on many things from the interaction with his friends to his thoughts on his slowly forming faith.

For OOC ease, they are broken down into termly chapters with between-linear interludes.


Chapter I - Hopes and Fears

Chapter 2 - Aftermath

Chapter 3 - New Beginnings


Words from the Soul I: The Candle in the Darkness -

A treatise on restoring the Church of Hope, and proposing the duties of her followers

Words from the Soul II: The Nature of Hope

The domains of Vaetta, the question of Faith, and how to teach them.

Character Sheet

OC character stat sheet