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Welcome to the Far Shores wiki, a hub of information about the world of Anvar, its people, its places. Please note that this wiki is predominantly for background information only. This wiki is mostly base level IC knowledge of the world, not OOC knowledge or IC theories. Secrets and plot points are not to be posted, for the sake of the players that have yet to find out. A player's personal page is not to be considered as common knowledge.

Please keep your pages objective: we do not want characters or organisations glorified or defamed, or events represented with a particular bias. We do not want opinions. We want completely non-discriminatory and detached articles or nothing at all. Any IC opinions of characters, events, or places must clearly be marked as such.

Rules and Resources:

Rulebook V1.5

Farshores Mental Health and Thematic Awareness Policy

New to Far Shores? Click Here for information about what we do Out Of Character, and Click Here for some In Character information.

This Wiki has Closed Membership to prevent vandalism. If you are a participant in the Far Shores LARP, please contact one of the refs directly with your desired Username for an account and one will be made for you.

Disclaimer All artwork and fiction belongs to the respective artists, we claim no ownership over any artwork used other than where noted.