Magic of the forest tribes

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In the Whispering Wood, there is little distinction between magic and religion as there is in other societies. Nature magic is the most practised, and orcs who channel it call themselves druids (or at least a term that translates closely to the one used by early elves before the days of Aurvandil). Shamanism, in the form of elemental magic, is also a speciality though more common on the forest fringes. Either paths carry a great deal of prestige among the forest orcs, and apprenticing to a senior druid or shaman is the surest way to a position of leadership within a tribe.

Another magic found among the Whispering Wood orcs is necromancy. Regarded as a worrying but necessary minority by most, these orcs are usually solitary individuals to whom for whatever reason the dead chose to speak. Retreating to the deepest parts of the Woods they commune with the spirits of the dead in places of eternal darkness. They are easily distinguished by skull-like markings painted in ash on their clothes and skin, as well as fetishes made of bone and other paraphernalia, and are sought out by orcs to ask questions of which only the dead might know the answer to.

Vitality and Fire magic is virtually unknown to the forest orcs due to their association with the Forged, and Dream is regarded as an odd and decadent list more suited to the humans of Agryos. Artifice is accepted as necessary but still viewed with suspicion due to the Agryan dependence on it. However, none of these lists are banned and practitioners would not necessarily be excluded from orcish society in the Whispering Woods. The same cannot be said of Shadow, which due to their location the forest orcs view with a deep and abiding terror. The circumstances of the Whispering Wood’s creation, which has made it such a necromantic hot spot, also lends itself to being an extremely dangerous place to use Shadow magic. All too often a spell will draw unwanted attention from the other side; a spell with go awry and turn against its maker, or a channeller stepping into a shadow will never reappear.