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Far Shores is a high-fantasy Live Action Role Playing game run for the members of the Lancaster University Role-Playing Society. It was created by Tom Davidson, Antony Jones, developed by William List, John Pellet, Mike Kilburn, and Cath Stinton, Matthew Hopkins, Rebecca Lee and is currently run by Matthew Hopkins and Rebecca Lee.

FAQ - General

What is LARP?

LARP is an acronym for Live Action Role Playing, an interactive game in which the players assume the identities of their characters and act as such for the duration of the game. The game itself combines the scenario set by the 'refs' and the decisions made by the participants, allowing for a highly immersive and non-linear roleplaying environment. As it is run in Lancaster, LARP involves the playerbase splitting into two teams: the 'Player Team' and the 'Monster Team'. The Player Team will adopt their character's personas for the event, whilst the Monsters will adopt various NPC (Non-Player Character) roles dictated by the adventure being run. These NPCs will always remain ahead of the player party in what are called 'encounters'.

What is LURPS?

LURPS are the Lancaster University Role Playing Society. While Far Shores is not owned by LURPS, it is run predominantly for members of LURPS. LURPS run weekly tabletop and LARP events, including pen and paper games, miniature wargames, card gaming and so on. For more information on LURPS, follow this link.

When does Far Shores run?

Far Shores currently shares Saturday Live slots with - Obsidian Arcana, another LARP run for LURPS. We meet at Saturdays at the Chaplaincy Center during term time at 10am. There are also in character social events run throughout the academic year.

What is needed to play?

Since Far Shores is run through LURPS, you will need a Purple Card and to be a member of LURPS in order to play. Costume and weaponry can be loaned in the short-term, but we recommend charity shops and various only LARP weaponry and costume retailers in the long run. And, most importantly, we recommend an active imagination.

FAQ - The Gameworld

What can I play?

The Player's Guide and the wiki detail the various races and backgrounds that you can play, as well as plenty of information about the cultural background of the people in the world of Anvar. Any deviation from what is detailed needs to be discussed with a ref before it is passed.

Is there a downtime system?

Not stringently. If your character intends to do something between adventures, you can email the Far Shores account and tell us what your character is doing. This may prove rewarding, or might lead to encounters being run specificly for you before the next adventure. The refs check the email account regularly and will do their best to get a response to you promptly.

How much time passes between adventures?

Normally somewhere between two weeks and a month passes between adventures. An academic year represents a year in game time.

How do I spend XP/money?

Your character sheet and inventory is your responsibility. We do ask that you send your character sheet in regularly so we can check how points are spent, but otherwise it's down to you. When you generate a character, we'll also give you how much XP it will cost to increase your abilities. If you forget this number of lose your character sheet, we will do our best to bring you up-to-date, but please do your very best to keep it safe.

Are we restricted to the adventures and events run?

Not at all. If you want to meet up with some friends and have an IC conversation, by all means do so. We are always thrilled to hear that people are enjoying the gameworld so much that they are roleplaying their characters outside of game time. But do remember that if a ref isn't there, you do not have the right to assume that anything using the system mechanics automaticly passes. Things such as combat and some spells really need a ref there to oversee it, and if your roleplaying is likely to go that way, we ask that you draw it to a close and consult a ref. Similarly, we have run open adventure slots in the past. These adventures consist of players doing what they want to do in the gameworld but haven't had a chance to do during standard linears. For instance, if your character wants to get a bunch of PCs together and try to take over a small fort in House Chaos, we will write a series of encounters around that concept and run it for you on the day. These will likely be smaller than normal adventures due to the number of people that want to take advantage of it, but we will do our best to ensure that everyone gets a chance to do something they want their character to do.

FAQ - The Wiki

Can I give my character a page on the Wiki?

That's the point of the wiki! We made the wiki so that players could put up biographies of their characters, catalogue their adventures and flesh out the world in a concise manner. This way we can keep track of characters, organisations and NPCs.

Is the Wiki IC or OOC?

No pages are 'IC' per se, but some pages are more 'IC' than others. Basic information on the Nations and Religions of the world, for instance, can be considered fairly common information and can be treated as things your character would know or at least have access to finding out about. But a character's personal page, whilst IC information, isn't strictly common knowledge. Pages such as this are, naturally, OOC. Any information on a page contained within (( )) should be assumed to be an OOC note.-

Who maintains the Wiki?

We all do. The adminhopper and AdminLee accounts are accounts of the ref team. Every other account are players. We will mediate the content of the wiki to ensure it's all in order, but other than that it is a community effort.