Worship of Vengrim

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Dhaman is in the hidden cities worshipped rarely, as Vadati is seen as a more reliable source of knowledge which is the font of justice. Due to this Dhaman is traditionally relegated to little more than the watchdog of Vadati, the instrument pointed towards criminals and particularly anarchists seeking to overthrow the caste system. The usual depiction is that of a man in plain armour with an equal-sided cross on the breastplate, carrying a long spear such as a militia soldier might use.

Daras to the Haara people is a female spirit of bloody-handed vengeance, invoked to oversee feuds and revenge for wrongs great and small. Because of this they are seen as powerful but also extremely dangerous.


Diakrin was an ancient and poorly-known deity associated with proper governance in Old Agryos, and rarely invoked. Worship has not especially improved since the Cataclysm, as most Agryans feel slightly touchy about where the fault lies for that catastrophe and Diakrin was by no means a forgiving deity.


Manaran, as the Peredans know him, bears close resemblance to the elven version of that deity. However, the Peredans given Manaran more focus (perhaps due to their memories of Diakrin in Old Agryos) as the patron of their king and royal family in addition to their properly appointed governers. Manaran therefore is depicted as regal and richly attired, or dressed in gilded armour with a mace or sceptre.

Empire of Steel and Stone

Vengrim is the chief of the three Imperial deities, regarded as the protector of the dwarven people and the source of all their laws. The dwarves particularly associate him with the election of new emperors and the new year, which are seen as times to make and carve great vows for the future. Vengrim himself is universally shown as a stern-faced dwarf of middling years, with a great bronze hammer and a shield carved from a mountain’s heart.


Manaran the Just is known to the elves of Calandor, but not widely worshipped. The teachings of Aurvandil allow for the breaking of oaths if the cause is righteous, not something that Manaran traditionally allows for. Nevertheless they are accorded proper respect, and regarded as a deity of noble intent if somewhat grim execution.

Lost Lands

As a deity associated with order, Vengrim under their various names is perhaps more widely praised than they are actually followed in the colonies. Though some settlements will devotedly follow the tenets of Vengrim and dedicate their laws to him, others see no need. The phenomenon is unsurprisingly more common in areas of dwarvish influence.

Orc Highlands As the chief deity of their long-time enemies Vengrim and his followers are not welcome in the Iron Hills. Among the Whispering Woods orcs there is less personal ill-will, but they are not especially well regarded there either.


Uniquely among the Valmari pantheon, Vengrim keeps true to their dwarvish depiction. Indeed, he is often associated with the dwarves themselves and takes a place that is technically at the head of the Valmari gods, though in truth Brynn sja Brenna is more powerful and widely worshipped. Nevertheless oathstones to Vengrim are dotted all over the landscapes of the north, and sages devoted to him are found in the counsels of most thanes.