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Virya is a hidden cities goddess worshipped exclusively by the non-mage warrior caste. As a war god they are prayed to for victory in battle and courage in the face of the enemy, though the upper castes encourage a disciplinary aspect to her as well.

Tuhhui the Firebreather is a combination of deity and folk hero among the Haaru. As well as a god of war they are also a god of diplomacy (or at least oratory) and inspiration, with their worshippers often ending up being the instigators and then leaders of retaliatory raids against the northern cities.


Tolma, a name for an old Agryan deity much like Tuhhui, was not very widely worshipped even in ancient Alathane as the Agryans put more credit in knowledge than courage when it came to both battles and politics. Neither has recent times changed this.


Brynn sja Brenna – or more often simply Brenna – is an extremely popular secondary deity in Peredor due to their similarities in some ways with Aurvandil but with a more earthy and populist bent. Quite a few of the Brennan paladin orders which exist in the world are found in Peredor, many of them questing ones, and their addition to the Peredan army makes them a force to be reckoned with even by the Alathane military.

Empire of Steel and Stone

Brenna is known as Vaska in older dwarf texts, but this has largely been superseded by her Valmar name as a sign of good will towards the dwarves’ most loyal human allies. As one of the three major gods of the Empire, Brenna/Vaska is seen as the strong protector of dwarvenkind, the flame which burns away the dark. Her followers are overwhelmingly found within the tunnel fighters who clear out draugr infestations, as well as the military.


Verya is an extremely minor god to the elves, and was so even before the Demon War – there was and is simply no need for them in either a druidic or Aurvandilian culture. The alliance with Peredor has prompted some elves to view Verya s something of a human patron deity, a “Human friendly” version of Aurvandil that the race might find easier to worship. This view is, needless to say, not especially appreciated by the Peredan worshipers of Aurvandil who do exist.

Lost Lands

Brenna is largely a Valmar import to the Lost Lands region, and is said to take a keen interest in the area due to the tests presented by a frontier lifestyle.

Orc Highlands

Among the forest orcs of the Whispering Wood, Brenna is almost completely unknown and of little interest. Among the orcs of the Iron Hills there are incidents of some very few orcs who have chosen to worship her, seeing her as a facet of Bǽlri. Their existence is a sore point to the traditionalists of the Whispering Woods (and the Hearthsingers among the Forged), as Brenna is seen as a human god.


Brynn sja Brenna is the chief god of the Valmar (though technically Vengrim is the head of the Valmar pantheon), seen as a god of war and bardic sagas. The ideal Brennan worshipper to the Valmar is the warrior-skald, one who will stride the battle field with axe in hand and lift the hearts of their allies with deed and song.